ROMYNOX has developed into a specialist in the area of pharmaceutical processes. One of our goals therefore is to always offer the best available products to this industry.
This has brought us to Fike. Fike is the European rupture disc market leader and a validated product with all the major pharmaceutical companies in Europe.

Advantages of Fike rupture discs

  • Standard operating ratio of 95 %
  • Longest disc lifetime with pressure variances in the system (SIP)
  • Standard zero manufacturing range
  • Always a smooth surface rupture disc without indentations
  • Can be supplied with an electro polish finish of 0.2 uM ASME BPE SF4
  • Quick delivery from the production facility in Belgium without high “urgent order” costs
  • Complies with all demands and norms applicable to the pharmaceutical industry
  • Very competitive pricing

For you as a regular rupture disc customer this will mean:

  • No extreme high costs for urgent orders
  • A price reduction of 10 % or more.
  • A-supplier with 100 % reliable delivery times.



ROMYNOX is moving from A to Better.

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