Laser engraving

Romynox laser tagging header 1

Non-contact engravings

At ROMYNOX we use a hightech, non-contact laser engraving system for our engravings. The laser engravings will never affect or damage the material in any way and the surface of the engraved area will remain smooth without any grooves. The engraving is and will remain clearly visible on all stainless steel alloys. The laser engraving system enables very precise engravings on a surface up to 120 by 100 milimeters. 

  • Non-contact engravings
  • Material is not affected 
  • Surface remains smooth
  • Engravings up to 120 by 100 millimeters

ROMYNOX Tag number

All assembled products at ROMYNOX get a laser engraved tag number that is also stated on the packaging. This makes it easy to reorder, retrace and request certificates of every component. In addition to the ROMYNOX tag number, it's also possible to have your own internal coding or ID's engraved on the product. Contact us for more information about engraving your products.