TBL Pharm-A-Line VI & XL Tubing

Chemically Inert Clear Tubing


  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Flexible Transparent Welding with RF and conventional heat sealers
  • Easy to post fabricate
  • Superior pressure rating
  • Non Hemolytic
  • Low costs
  • Sterilizable by ETO or gamma radiation



The Pharm-A-Line VI and Pharm-A-Line XL co-extruded tubing combines the best properties of two dissimilar materials, creating a clear, seamless, lightweight and flexible product with important benefits.


The liner (or contact surface) is made of clear, chemically inert low-density polyethylene (LDPE) material. LDPE is coextruded with high purity ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), which offers superior flexibility and clarity along with an excellent burst strength.

While Pharm-A-Line VI and Pharm-A-Line XL are made from the same base materials, Pharm-A-Line XL is gamma irradiated, which cross-links the material for even better thermal, chemical and mechanical performance.

Both Pharm-A-Line VI and Pharm-A-Line XL are USP Class VI certified. They are resistant to most solvents. Both have excellent barrier properties and very low gas and liquid permeability. Both work well with compression and push-on fittings.

Pharm-A-Line VI and XL meet the strictest criteria for biopharmaceutical product transfer. They are also widely used in the water and printing industries.

Technical information

Size1/16″ to 3/4″
HardnessLiner: 50 Shore A
Shell: 80 Shore A
Temp. range– Pharm-A-Line XL -51° to 82° C
– Pharm-A-Line VI -51° to 71° C
Type of connectionsDepending on the fitting
MaterialLiner: LDPE
Shell: EVA
CertificatesFDA (21 CFR 177.1350 and 21 CFR 177.1520), USP Class VI, REACH, RoHS