ROMYNOX new faces – Welcome on board !

At ROMYNOX our team is growing. Here are the new faces of ROMYNOX and a short introduction :


From April 2023 Tycho supports our sales team as a sales engineer.
He will work with our commodity products and orders from the ROMY-shop. Tycho will also handle any orders related to SED diaphragm valves to replace Henry van de Kamer.
Tycho has a Bachelor of applied sciences from the University of Rotterdam.
In this role, he leverages his technical knowledge and interpersonal skills to support the sales process and engage with clients. Tycho’s ability to understand customer requirements and provide effective solutions contributes to ROMYNOX’s success.
His experiences in sales engineering, energy consulting, and customer service have shaped him into a versatile professional ready to take on new challenges and make valuable contributions to the workplace.

Introduction PDF here.


laura roos

From May 2023 Laura is our clean room coordinator.

For the past 13 years, she has been working for GE Healthcare. Her expertise includes daily aseptic preparations of radiopharmaceuticals, EHS (environment health and safety), Lean Six Sigma, GMP, and microbiology. She will be responsible for our cleanroom operations within our single-use team.

Overall, Laura Roos has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in cleanroom coordination, aseptic preparations, and compliance with quality standards and guidelines.

Introduction PDF here.


Since May 2023 Cheung has been the coordinator of sales of stainless steel and commodities. His main duty is to coordinate the flow of inquiries and orders to ensure we keep our 4xF alive ( Fast, Friendly, Flexible, Focused).

His role involves conducting market research, analyzing customer needs, defining target audiences, positioning products, creating marketing campaigns, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure successful product launches and promotions.
With his diverse background and experience, Cheung Lau brings a combination of marketing expertise, industry knowledge, and cultural understanding to his role as sales coordinator.
Cheung has been in the company for now 9 months and is now ready for an exciting position and challenge.

Introduction PDF here.


Let’s wish Tycho, Laura and Cheung all the best in their new position!