A short introduction to ROMYNOX with our mission and what we stand for. 

The glossary page is a friendly guidebook through the intricate language of the pharmaceutical industry.
We understand that technical terms and jargon can be overwhelming, which is why we've created this page to demystify them for you. From industry-specific acronyms to complex terminology, our glossary page provides clear and concise definitions.

Here, we open the door to exciting possibilities for talented individuals like you. Explore our current job openings and discover how to join our dynamic team. Each listing comes with detailed descriptions, outlining the skills and qualifications we seek.
We are committed to fostering growth, offering a supportive work environment, and providing ample opportunities for career advancement.

With the recent growth of our business, ROMYNOX has changed address for a building suited to our needs. We now have a modern office, and a warehouse with a KARDEX system. As well as an ISO 8 and 7 cleanroom.
In order to follow our environmental policy, our building is BREEM certified. To have both a positive impact on the environment and our co-workers.

In addition to the services provided by ROMYNOX, there are people and a team behind it! On the Our Team page, we introduce you to the talented individuals who bring their expertise, dedication, and passion to our organization.
We believe in transparency and collaboration, and by showcasing our team, we aim to establish a sense of trust and connection with our visitors.

Over the years we’ve had many satisfied customers at Romynox. Many have returned since their first order and we’re proud to say that most of them have turned into regular customers or even partners by now.
The Romynox team tries their hardest every day to help all of our customers in the fastest possible way.

Order our last printed catalogue here in a free introduction package. We have recently updated our latest catalog to include both stainless steel and single-use products with the latest additions to our line and range of products.
In this catalog, we show our products, but also provide technical data about processes and standards. We hope that this catalog will assist you in your daily work in this industry.

We care deeply about the world we live in, and that's why sustainability is at the core of everything we do. The Sustainable page celebrates our commitment to environmental responsibility and showcases our efforts to build a greener future.
Our solar panels, electric cars, ROMY-garden, and common transportation policy are among them. Explore our eco-friendly initiatives, energy-efficient solutions, and sustainable construction practices.

On our Manufacturers page, we invite you to discover the trusted partners and suppliers network that helps us deliver you our services. We believe in the power of collaboration and have carefully selected manufacturers who share our commitment to quality and innovation.
From materials and equipment to cutting-edge technologies, we ensure that every product we deliver meets the highest standards of excellence.

Kardex is one of our most valuable assets in achieving our goal of zero preventable mistakes. The Kardex shuttle is a storage and retrieval system to maximize storage capacity, storage quality, and order-picking speed. In our situation, the cabinets are 11 meters high. We began our operation with four shuttles. Each shuttle is occupied by 70 trays. We are now using almost half our capacity with over 2.500 stock-keeping units with over 100.000 stock items.