The warehouse at ROMYNOX relies on the Kardex system, one of our most important assets to achieve our goal of having zero preventable mistakes. Our Kardex shuttle is a storage and retrieval system that maximizes storage capacity, storage quality, and order-picking speed.

Our warehouse and logistics overhaul through Kardex has brought remarkable efficiency and optimization:

Space Mastery

  • Vertical Utilization: We've gone up, not out, expanding capacity without expanding our footprint.
  • Compact Storage: Kardex has helped us pack more into less, streamlining our inventory layout.

Ergonomic Excellence

  • Automated Retrieval: Items come to our team at just the right height, reducing strain and enhancing safety.
  • Happy and Productive: A better working environment means our team is more efficient and enjoys their work more.

Security Strengthened

  • Controlled Access: Only the right hands touch our inventory, thanks to Kardex's secure access system.
  • Peace of Mind: Our assets are protected around the clock, ensuring business continuity and trust.

Picking Perfection

  • Speedy Retrieval: Kardex has slashed our picking times, keeping us fast on our feet.
  • Error Reduction: With precision at the forefront, we're getting orders right the first time, every time.

At ROMYNOX working with Kardex has not just transformed our warehouse and logistics; it's redefined how we operate at ROMYNOX, making us more agile, secure, and responsive to our customers' needs.