3D CAD-Design

Customized products

We have our own 3D CAD department and specialists. Through our CAD service we can provide designs quickly and accurately. A CAD system facilitates comparison and a choice between different concepts. It also reduces the risk of errors in judgement of the design.

Knowledge of products and processes

We are able to help you with all kinds of components and concepts and have lots of knowledge and experience on board.

We proceed as follows:

  • After a brief inquiry, we create a list of requirements;
  • The first solution is presented to you.
  • Visualization is done using 2D and 3D design models;
  • Lastly, there are a few detailed changes made to optimize the product design.

3D CAD Design: Steps from design to single use solution

We can deliver custom-made Singe Use assemblies.

Our Single Use engineer will support you with the first step in inventorying the process correctly. Within this process, we will look at different aspects.

For example, is it a new process or does it replace an existing process, level of sterility, components, demands on use, way of packaging, consumption, and the reliability of the system.

This will result in a User requirements Specification (URS). However, it is of course possible to supply the same assembly you already have or a revised version of this.

The URS will be the basis for our first sketches. After consulting with you, this leads to an approved drawing. This will be done by a ROMYNOX specialist.

The next step could be to deliver a demo to show all the aspects of the product. Furthermore, we will also show you how this will be packed and shipped, creating the possibility to do a final check on the product.

The last step of this URS is a Supply-Chain Survey and, if necessary, an audit at ROMYNOX.

The final step of the process is the planning. Since Single Use Solutions are mostly sterile products with an expiring date, delivery times can be a challenge.

This is because single-use sets can be built with many different components coming from several suppliers with different delivery times.

With overall planning, we can give you an exact indication of delivery times.

The production and packaging of the final solutions will meet the high-quality standards you expect from Single-Use Systems. The following pages will give you a good impression of the endless possibilities of components that can be assembled together.