ROMYNOX Clean room

Since December 2022, our clean-room construction has been completed on the first floor of our recently constructed building. Our ISO 7 clean-room is 350 m2. We have a visitor corridor for tours that allows perfect visibility into the clean-room.

In our 435 m2 ROMYNOX ISO 8 and 7 clean room, we can pre-pack products without particle risks. Such as Beta-Bags for “Getting style” Rapid transfer ports (RTP), but also pre-pack our products for other applications. This clean-room environment is ideal for pre-packing products because it eliminates contaminants coming into contact with the product. Additionally, the ISO 8 and 7 ratings ensure that air pressure, temperature, and humidity levels are kept optimal for product pre-packing and packing. 

The main activity in our cleanrooms is to assemble single-use systems for both upstream and downstream processing. These can be pump sets for peristaltic pumps or our own Quattroflow pumps. We can also assemble transfer sets, bottles, bags, or a combination of all of these components. 

We can do this according to the customer’s specifications and support customers in making the optimal design for their process. Our engineering department draws on years of experience within the (bio)pharmaceutical industry and specialises in custom components. Long collaborations with orbital welders and experts at our partners give us the flexibility to create tailor-made components and connections for your systems and processes.

These sets can be delivered with a just-in-time agreement, so a minimum of stock is needed at the customer location. To ensure maximum sustainability in our industry, deliveries in Belgium and The Netherlands will be done with our own 100% electrical VW Buzz cargo car. This approach reduces the need for large trucks that use fossil fuels, which reduces CO2 emissions and protects the environment. It also ensures that customers get the products they need quickly and efficiently without having to store large amounts of inventory.

Within ROMYNOX there is a high demand for a facility within which the various process steps take place. Various procedures have been drawn up and kept up to date in our Quality Management System.