Remote Assistance

Sharing our knowledge on distance - A challenge ROMYNOX has a solution for!

ROMYNOX delivers pharma solutions according to our 4F’s.

Part of this solution is sharing our knowledge about our products and services to our customers.

Remote assistance in practice

Our colleague Sierk has already used the glasses, solving a sealer-related software problem between a customer and a supplier.

The distance between the supplier and the customer was hard to overcome, which was why they couldn’t meet in person quickly. With our HMT device, Sierk could freely move with both his hands, which made it possible to have a Teams meeting with the supplier and give instructions at the same time. In the meeting, the cause of the problem was quickly identified and our supplier knew what to do. Since the meeting took place in a cleanroom, the glasses were properly cleaned before entry. Before the meeting, it was decided what could and couldn't be filmed, the participants, and on which platform the meeting would take place.

With this blog, we announce that we will provide sharing knowledge on distance with the HMT-1 as a free service.

If you have any questions about the service or do you see any possibilities to use the HMT-1 yourself, please contact us!

We prefer to share our knowledge on site, but this is not always sustainable and due to the current limits not always possible. That’s why we use the HMT-1 from Realwear. With this device, knowledge sharing on distance is more easy.