The Kardex system is one of our most important assets to achieve our goal of having zero preventable mistakes. 

Our Kardex shuttle is a storage and retrieval system that maximizes storage capacity, storage quality, and order-picking speed.   


ROMYNOX preparation

The journey between Romynox and Kardex started almost 5 years ago. It became a reality in January 2023. Kardex is one of our most valuable assets in achieving our goal of zero preventable mistakes.  

To maximize storage capacity, storage quality, and order-picking speed, the Kardex shuttle is a storage and retrieval system. In our situation, the cabinets are 11 meters high. We began our operation with four shuttles. Each shuttle is occupied by 70 trays. We are now using almost half our capacity with over 2.500 stock-keeping units with over 100.000 stock items.  

The road to Kardex was long and detailed. We had a group of 3 dedicated to working on this project. The success of this project depended on arranging everything down to the last detail to ensure a smooth transition.  

First, we started measuring, weighing, and photographing all our 2.500 products. This resulted in a lot of data feeding the Kardex system. Preparation for this took about 2,5 months.  

Our goal was to close the company in 3,5 days: 2 days to prepare everything for transport + 1 day to put everything into the Kardex shuttle. Which has been achieved. On the day of the move, everything proceeded according to plan. We had over 120 pallets of items ready to be put into the Kardex shuttles. Kardex shuttles were filled by 14:00 because the team was well prepared. The move was completed by 18:00. 


ROMYNOX works with Kardex

We have been using Kardex shuttles since the move. We have acquired almost all the available options to make the system as safe and mistake-proof as possible. When you select an order the system guides you to the correct spot. There is also a picture of the product on the screen. When you take this product, a light burns at 1 of the 9 places where the selected items should be placed. At the end of order picking the system gives you confirmation about what you have picked. It is now, difficult to prepare an order wrongly.

After 5 months of use, Kardex is the core of our order-picking process. It has increased order-picking speed and reduced order-picking mistakes. ROMYNOX people have adopted the system effortlessly.

In retrospect, we are glad we've spent all the time preparing. It has made the whole transition to Kardex shuttles very easy. We and our customers see the benefits of this every day.