Aerre Inox designs and manufactures a full range of valves and stainless steel fittings production for applications in various industries as chemical-pharmaceutical, microfiltration, cosmetic, food and beverage, as well as for laboratories and research centres. 

The company's main field is the valves production, the manufacture and welding of stainless steel parts, produces heat exchangers, butterfly valves, ball valves, sanitary ball valves, spring check valves, tanks components such as spray balls, tank bottom valves, flushing valves, magnetic mixers, tank connect, aseptic sampling valves, sanitary sampling valves, sanitary sampling bottles, sight glasses, flow indicators and all type of fittings necessary to plants construction, including silicone hoses and gaskets, in compliance with current standards. This is offered with the end-user printed backup, documentation and full part tracing for future validation.