Iris Valve

The ideal valve for transfer ports between two clean rooms


  • Transfer-port solution between two clean rooms
  • In combination with our Mousehole transfer port
  • Flexible iris sleeve is made of EPDM
  • Sleeve can be replaced quickly and easily
  • Revolutionary light weight design









The ROMYNOX Iris valves are specially designed as a transfer-port solution between two clean rooms in combination with our Mousehole transfer port. In this way you can move large volumes of liquids without the risk of bin breakage or spillage during bin transfer.


Transfer port solution: The Iris valves have been specifically designed for applications demanding the highest level of hygiene normally associated with Cleanroom applications in the biopharmaceutical market.

Flexible EPDM sleeve

The flexible iris sleeve is made of EPDM, which creates an airtight barrier no matter what hose or tube you put through it. The sleeve can be replaced quickly and easily. The Iris valve is made of 100% biopharmaceutical-approved and certified materials. The revolutionary lightweight design makes it easy for everybody to use and install.

New and improved model

We have developed a revolutionary new design for an Iris valve. After a period of testing and improvement, we’re proud to inform you that the most optimized and advanced version is now in production in size 4″ other sizes are in development.

after the success of model 4″,  we are developing models 6 and 8.

If you would like to be kept informed of the development of these sizes, please send an email to

Technical information

SizesSee table
Temperature Range*2 to 40°C
  • Body, connections: Polyoxymethylene (POM-C, white)
  • Iris sleeve: EPDM (white)
  • Handle & steel components: Stainless Steel 304
Certificates (standard)FDA


All Variations

RX CODEMaterialSizeClampQuantityAdd to Cart
RX CODE: YMR40CC31EQ---Material: EPDMSize: 4Clamp: 119mm
RX CODE: YMR60CC31EQ---Material: EPDMSize: 6Clamp: 167mm