EZI-DOCK – Pharmaceutical Chargebags

RX Code: ECB

A flexible and highly effective alternative for traditional process containers and transfers


  • 2 ply body construction
  • Label with batch and bag number
  • Antistatic
  • Lower transport & storage costs
  • Available gamma sterilised

Ezi-Dock Pharmaceutical Chargebags offer significant cost and performance benefits over blow or rota-moulded rigid bottles.

The antistatic Chargebags are made with a 2-ply wall design that reduces the risk of pinholing and adds useful strength when dealing with heavy passive connectors. The bags are designed as the single use, flexible alternative for traditional process containers. No downtime because of cleaning and a transfer with no chance of spillage. A flexible and highly effective alternative for blow or rota-moulded rigid bottles. The Chargebags are sleeved individually and get a bag label showing batch and bag number. Available with a 2″, 4″ or 6″ Tri-clamp ferrule in multiple sizes between 2 and 40 litres. Gamma sterilization and different sizes available on request.

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All Variations

RX CODEVolumeConnection SizeOEMQuantityAdd to Cart
RX CODE: ECB-1Volume: 1 LConnection Size: 2"OEM: CCBAG0201LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-2Volume: 2 LConnection Size: 2"OEM: CCBAG0202LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-3Volume: 2.5 LConnection Size: 2"OEM: CCBAG02025LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-4Volume: 5 LConnection Size: 2"OEM: CCBAG0205LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-5Volume: 10 LConnection Size: 2"OEM: CCBAG0210LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-6Volume: 15 LConnection Size: 2"OEM: CCBAG0215LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-7Volume: 20 LConnection Size: 2"OEM: CCBAG0220LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-8Volume: 25 LConnection Size: 2"OEM: CCBAG0225LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-9Volume: 30 LConnection Size: 2"OEM: CCBAG0230LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-10Volume: 40 LConnection Size: 2"OEM: CCBAG0240LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-11Volume: 1 LConnection Size: 3"OEM: CCBAG0301LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-12Volume: 2 LConnection Size: 3"OEM: CCBAG0302LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-14Volume: 2.5 LConnection Size: 3"OEM: CCBAG03025LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-15Volume: 5 LConnection Size: 3"OEM: CCBAG0305LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-16Volume: 10 LConnection Size: 3"OEM: CCBAG0310LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-17Volume: 15 LConnection Size: 3"OEM: CCBAG0315LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-18Volume: 20 LConnection Size: 3"OEM: CCBAG0320LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-19Volume: 25 LConnection Size: 3"OEM: CCBAG0325LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-20Volume: 30 LConnection Size: 3"OEM: CCBAG0330LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-21Volume: 40 LConnection Size: 3"OEM: CCBAG0340LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-22Volume: 50 LConnection Size: 3"OEM: CCBAG0350LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-23Volume: 1 LConnection Size: 4"OEM: CCBAG0401LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-24Volume: 2 LConnection Size: 4"OEM: CCBAG0402LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-25Volume: 2.5 LConnection Size: 4"OEM: CCBAG04025LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-26Volume: 5 LConnection Size: 4"OEM: CCBAG0405LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-27Volume: 10 LConnection Size: 4"OEM: CCBAG0410LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-28Volume: 15 LConnection Size: 4"OEM: CCBAG0415LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-29Volume: 20 LConnection Size: 4"OEM: CCBAG0420LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-30Volume: 25 LConnection Size: 4"OEM: CCBAG0425LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-31Volume: 30 LConnection Size: 4"OEM: CCBAG0430LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-32Volume: 40 LConnection Size: 4"OEM: CCBAG0440LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-33Volume: 50 LConnection Size: 4"OEM: CCBAG0450LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-34Volume: 2.5 LConnection Size: 6"OEM: CCBAG06025LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-35Volume: 5 LConnection Size: 6"OEM: CCBAG0605LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-36Volume: 10 LConnection Size: 6"OEM: CCBAG0610LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-37Volume: 15 LConnection Size: 6"OEM: CCBAG0615LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-38Volume: 20 LConnection Size: 6"OEM: CCBAG0620LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-39Volume: 25 LConnection Size: 6"OEM: CCBAG0625LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-40Volume: 30 LConnection Size: 6"OEM: CCBAG0630LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-41Volume: 40 LConnection Size: 6"OEM: CCBAG0640LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-42Volume: 50 LConnection Size: 6"OEM: CCBAG0650LD-PA
RX CODE: ECB-43Volume: 60 LConnection Size: 6"OEM: CCBAG0660LD-PA

Sizes 2, 5, 10, 15, 25 and 40 litre
Connection type Tri-Clamp (2, 4 of 6″)
Material USP87 + USP661 Compliant LDPE with Permanent Anti-Static Additive

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