CRL Beta Bag

The Beta Bag allows you to transfer components and materials in and out of an isolator or RABS.


  • Pre-fill option available
  • Suitable of Getinge® style RTP
  • Integration in final assembly possible
  • Autoclavable





CRL's Beta Bag fits a Getinge® style Alpha port for fast transfer.


These bags are used in aseptic production to maintain sterility in the isolator. The Beta Bag allows you to transfer components and materials in and out of an isolator or RABS, while minimizing the risks of microbial and particulate contamination. This assures the most sterile, aseptic process possible, while eliminating the need for costly and time consuming cleaning and sterilization procedures.

The opening size is 190mm, which means it is compatible with Getinge® style Alpha port that can accommodate an object with a width of 170 to 175mm. ROMYNOX can assist you in your aseptic production by pre-filling the Beta Bags with your desired objects.
Because we sell from our own stock and have an ISO 7 cleanroom capacity for pre-packing, this is possible with fast turnaround times.

The Beta Bag consist of a single-layer. Tyvek® and a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic are welded together to form a strong connection. Tyvek® is a high-density polyethylene fiber is used as a sterile barrier to allow an autoclave sterilization process. HDPE has a high strength-to-density ratio, which gives it excellent tensile strength and makes it highly resistant to tearing or ripping. In addition, it is still possible to see the contents of the Beta Bag.

To ensure that components going into the isolator meet all requirements in the sterilization process, the pre-filled beta bag can be autoclaved. The result is a filling line production that is free from contamination by harmful bacteria, viruses or other microorganisms. The Beta Bag is double bagged in a polyethylene cleanroom bag.

The Beta Bag flanges are all 100% leak tested before they leave the factory (checked by CRL).
Recommended storage conditions are 13-27°C and 30-60% Relative Humidity.
The Beta Bag should be used in accordance with the specifications that we provide. Please see the attached specification.

Kindly notice that they are always 2 pc in 1 box, so you always have to buy 2 bags.

Technical information

  • Pressure decay leak test at 5”water
  • Ammonia leak testing Beta Flange Assembly of each lot, according to AGS-G004-2014
  • Weld testing of each lot, according to ASTM F1140 and ASTM F88
  • Independent lab testing of cleanliness
  • Tyvek weld peel and dye penetrant test
  • Port Diameter: 190 mm


All Variations

RX CODECRL INFOUse forOEMQuantityAdd to Cart
RX CODE: EBA190G--H-A--CRL INFO: Beta Bag-AU Getinge Style-190mm-Box 2PcsUse for: AutoclavableOEM: CRL-49211
RX CODE: EBA190C--H-A--CRL INFO: Beta Bag-AU CRL Style -190mm-Box 2PcsUse for: AutoclavableOEM: CRL-49209
RX CODE: EBA190G--H-G--CRL INFO: Beta Bag-GI Getinge Style -190mm-Box 2PcUse for: Gamma IrradiationOEM: CRL-50992
RX CODE: EBB190---A----CRL INFO: CRL - HandleUse for: ToolOEM: CRL-49500
RX CODE: EBC190--------CRL INFO: CRL - WrenchUse for: ToolOEM: CRL-41115