Kest – KMPF Mixer Proflow

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Energy efficient stainless steel mixer with a perfect mixing result over and over again


  • 80% less energy consumption on average
  • lower costs
  • less Co2 emission

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    The brand new mixer range from Kest. Over 30 years of experience in the mixer and pharmaceutical industries leads to the ProFlow.

    The best mixer they ever built. The ProFlow magnetic coupling mixer is designed to ensure predictable and compliant results, minimize maintenance, minimize waste, minimize energy use and maximise the value created by a mixing process. 

    Reduce energy consumption

    The new highly advanced motor has an efficiency of >95%. This will save a lot of energy and thus money, while also benefitting the environment. For example, the smallest mixer in the ProFlow range uses 89-93% less energy than the smallest mixer of the Kest KM range in 24 hours of mixing. This is what we call GREEN MIXING!

    • 80% less energy consumption on average
    • lower costs
    • less Co2 emission

    Ideal cleanroom mixer

    The ProFlow mixer is extremely silent during operation because of the design of the drive, enhancing the environment for the operators. The drive unit does not contain any fans that will interfere with your laminar air flow. It is totally capsuled in a smooth hygienic cover that is easy to keep clean. Ideal for a clean room.


    The unique mixing head design and the position of the blades close to the bottom of the tank allows the mixer to run while the tank is being emptied, which ables the mixer to mix low levels as well. Mixing to the last drop with uncompromised cleanability.

    The robust bearing combination of Zirconium and Sic and the fine-tuned geometry, ensures no particle generation in your media. The higher bending strength of the zirconium material enables the male bearing to be made in one solid piece. This optimizes the aseptic design and increases the robustness and low wear property of the bearing.


    The Mixer tank plate is machined from a solid bar. The design is FEM analyzed in comly with PED and ASME pressure vessel code. The tank plate is welded into the tank and creates a solid barrier with no risk of contamination of the media inside the tank.


    The ProFlow Mixer is equipped with a range of innovative electronics, monitoring capabilities and intelligent control logic. This gives you maximum process control, unparalleled energy efficiency and minimal heat transfer.

    The drive unit is equipped with the patented Kest-Lock connection that ensures quick disconnection from the tank plate during maintenance. When you put the drive unit back on the tank plate, the spring closed Kest-Lock helps the operator to hold the drive unit in place when tightening the screw.

     ProFlow range

    • KMPF0/3: max capacity 30 liter
    • KMPF3/7: max capacity 70 liter
    • KMPF7/20: max capacity 200 liter
    • KMPF20/70: max capacity700 liter
    • KMPF70/120: max capacity 1.200 liter

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    Capacity 0,2 liter tot 1.200 liter
    Pressure range -1 tot 7 bar
    Temp. range 0°C tot 135°C
    Material -Mixerhead: 1.4435 (316L) & Silicone carbide (SiC)
    -Tank plate: 1.4435 (316L)
    -Bearing: Zirconium dioxide (ZrO2)
    -Seal: EPDM or Silicone
    Finishing Ra≤0.5 µm at product wetted parts
    Electrical specifications
    • 0/3, 3/7 & 7/20 version: 24 V DC
    • 20/70 & 70/120 version: 48 V DC
    Certificates FDA, USP Class VI, 3.1, IP65

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