Our engineering department specializes in custom components, leveraging years of experience in the (bio)pharmaceutical industry. We offer tailored solutions to challenging situations where standard components fall short. Utilizing 3D-CAD drawings, we adapt existing products or design new ones to meet your process requirements. With our collaborations with orbital welders and experts, we deliver tailor-made components and connections for your systems and processes.
Our ROMYNOX ISO 8 and 7 clean room (435 m2) allows particle-free pre-packing of products like Beta-Bags (located on the first floor of our building). This environment ensures contamination-free contact with the products. With ISO 8 and 7 ratings, we maintain optimal air pressure, temperature, and humidity levels. Our main focus is assembling custom single-use systems for upstream and downstream processing, with just-in-time delivery and sustainability in mind.
We offer custom hose assembly services in our dedicated workshop, ensuring ideal hose selection and secure connection. Our specialists are available to provide guidance on choosing the right hoses and crimp fittings. With a wide range of fittings and hose sizes always in stock, we provide quick assembly within 48 hours and offer same-day shipping for urgent orders.
At ROMYNOX, we use a high-tech, non-contact laser engraving system for precise and visible engravings on stainless steel alloys. Our process ensures a smooth surface without grooves, and engravings remain clearly visible. Each assembled product receives a laser-engraved tag number for easy reordering and tracking. We also offer the option to engrave your own internal codes or IDs on the product.
At ROMYNOX, we offer remote assistance using the HMT-1 device to overcome distance challenges and share our knowledge with customers. Our colleague successfully solved a software problem between a customer and supplier through a virtual meeting, utilizing the HMT-1's hands-free capabilities.

ROMYNOX offers torque tools to prevent over-compression or under-compression of gaskets. These easy-to-use tools set a torque limit to protect elastomer gaskets from damage. The torque ratchet, torque knob, and torque tee, along with universal sockets, ensure proper torque application. The tools are available in various torque ranges suitable for different gasket materials. They come pre-set and click when the desired torque is reached.