DT21c – Short Concentric Reducer C x C*

Tri-Clamp Concentric Reducer





316L (1.4404)






SF4, H2


The short Concentric Reducer has a tri-clamp connection on both sides. 

This fitting is not part of the ASME BPE program, but sizes comply with ASME-BPE fitting DT-21c (4.1.3-3).

These stainless steel tubes are manufactured from solid 1.4404 (316L) bar stock. This offers both excellent material properties and guarantees good controllable surface finishes. These stainless-steel tubes are available in ASME BPE sizes 3/8″ to 6″ and have a standard SF1 surface finish, SF4 surface finish available on request.


3.1 material, optional 2.2 surface finish

* comply with ASME-BPE, but is not part of the ASME-BPE program.

All Variations

RX CODEStandardFinishingSizeClampQuantityAdd to Cart
RX CODE: FDP10CC2--4905Standard: DINFinishing: H2Size: DN25XDN15Clamp:
RX CODE: FDP07CC3--4905Standard: IMPFinishing: H2Size: 3/4 x 1/2Clamp:
RX CODE: FDP10CC3--4905Standard: IMPFinishing: H2Size: 1 x 1/2Clamp:
RX CODE: FDP10CC3--4907Standard: IMPFinishing: H2Size: 1 x 3/4Clamp:
RX CODE: FDP10CC3--4F07Standard: IMPFinishing: SF4Size: 1 x 3/4Clamp:
RX CODE: FDP15CC3--4905Standard: IMPFinishing: H2Size: 1.1/2 x 1/2Clamp:
RX CODE: FDP15CC3--4907Standard: IMPFinishing: H2Size: 1.1/2 x 3/4Clamp:
RX CODE: FDP15CC3--4910Standard: IMPFinishing: H2Size: 1.1/2 x 1Clamp:
RX CODE: FDP15CC3--4F10Standard: IMPFinishing: SF4Size: 1.1/2 x 1Clamp:
RX CODE: FDP15CC3--4F07Standard: IMPFinishing: SF4Size: 1.1/2 x 3/4Clamp:
RX CODE: FDP20CC3--4905Standard: IMPFinishing: H2Size: 2 x 1/2Clamp:
RX CODE: FDP20CC3--4907Standard: IMPFinishing: H2Size: 2 x 3/4Clamp:
RX CODE: FDP20CC3--4F07Standard: IMPFinishing: H2Size: 2 x 3/4Clamp:
RX CODE: FDP20CC3--4910Standard: IMPFinishing: H2Size: 2 x 1Clamp:
RX CODE: FDP20CC3--4915Standard: IMPFinishing: H2Size: 2 x 1.1/2Clamp:
RX CODE: FDP25CC3--4915Standard: IMPFinishing: H2Size: 2.1/2 x 1/2Clamp:
RX CODE: FDP25CC3--4910Standard: IMPFinishing: H2Size: 2.1/2 x 1Clamp:
RX CODE: FDP25CC3--4920Standard: IMPFinishing: H2Size: 2.1/2 x 2Clamp:
RX CODE: FDP30CC3--4920Standard: IMPFinishing: H2Size: 3 x 2Clamp: