Rubber Fab – TUF-flex – Tri-Clamp gasket

Suited for SIP/CIP conditions







Gasket Type ISO 2582

Type A, Type B


Tuf-Flex Gaskets are designed to meet critical requirements in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, ultra-pure water and WFI processing. Tuf-Flex outperforms other seals and gaskets, and increases uptime by helping eliminate costly process interruptions. 

A Tuf-Flex hygienic seal’s contact surface is a layer of PTFE grafted to an EPDM rubber inner core. This totally bonded construction provides an exceptionally pure and incredibly flexible seal. By grafting the elastomer with a layer of PTFE, Tuf-Flex will behave like an elastomer but will prevent product contamination, service interruptions and clean-up costs associated with elastomer seals. They achieve higher performance under SIP/CIP conditions, 100 steam cycles guaranteed. Tuf-Flex¬† has superior resistance to cold flow and creep and excellent chemical resistance.

(Type 1 – Unlipped)

Technical information

SizesASME BPE 1/2″ to 6″, DIN & ISO (on request)
ConnectionsTri-Clamp, NA-Connections
MaterialPTFE layer bonded on a EPDM core




All Variations

RX CODEStandardSizeClampGasket TypeOEMQuantityAdd to Cart
RX CODE: WFK03RU2-UA---Standard: DINSize: DN6Clamp: 25mmGasket Type: Type BOEM: DIN32676-06-TF-E
RX CODE: WFL04RU2-U----Standard: DINSize: DN10Clamp: 34mmGasket Type: Type AOEM: DIN32676-10-TF-E
RX CODE: WFL05UL2-U----Standard: DINSize: DN15Clamp: 34mmGasket Type: Type AOEM: DIN32676-15-TF-E
RX CODE: WFL07RU2-U----Standard: DINSize: DN20Clamp: 34mmGasket Type: Type AOEM: DIN32676-20-TF-E
RX CODE: WFL10RU2-U----Standard: DINSize: DN25Clamp: 50,5mmGasket Type: Type AOEM: DIN32676-25-TF-E
RX CODE: WFL12UL2-U----Standard: DINSize: DN32Clamp: 50,5mmGasket Type: Type AOEM: DIN32676-32-TF-E
RX CODE: WFL15RU2-U----Standard: DINSize: DN40Clamp: 64mmGasket Type: Type AOEM: DIN32676-40-TF-E
RX CODE: WFL20RU2-U----Standard: DINSize: DN50Clamp: 64mmGasket Type: Type AOEM: DIN32676-50-TF-E
RX CODE: WFL25RU2-U----Standard: DINSize: DN65Clamp: 91mmGasket Type: Type AOEM: DIN32676-65-TF-E
RX CODE: WFL30RU2-U----Standard: DINSize: DN80Clamp: 106mmGasket Type: Type AOEM: DIN32676-80-TF-E
RX CODE: WFL40RU2-U----Standard: DINSize: DN100Clamp: 119mmGasket Type: Type AOEM: DIN32676-100-TF-E
RX CODE: WFL50RU2-U----Standard: DINSize: DN125Clamp: 155mmGasket Type: Type AOEM: DIN32676-125-TF-E
RX CODE: WFK05RU3-U----Standard: IMPSize: 1/2Clamp: 25mmGasket Type: Type BOEM: A42MPGR-TF-050-E
RX CODE: WFK07RU3-U----Standard: IMPSize: 3/4Clamp: 25mmGasket Type: Type BOEM: A42MPGR-TF-075-E
RX CODE: WFK10RU3-U----Standard: IMPSize: 1Clamp: 50,5mmGasket Type: Type BOEM: A40MPGR-TF-100-E
RX CODE: WFK15RU3-U----Standard: IMPSize: 1.1/2Clamp: 50,5mmGasket Type: Type BOEM: A40MPGR-TF-150-E
RX CODE: WFK20RU3-U----Standard: IMPSize: 2Clamp: 64mmGasket Type: Type BOEM: A40MPGR-TF-200-E
RX CODE: WFK25RU3-U----Standard: IMPSize: 2.1/2Clamp: 77,5mmGasket Type: Type BOEM: A40MPGR-TF-250-E
RX CODE: WFK30RU3-U----Standard: IMPSize: 3Clamp: 91mmGasket Type: Type BOEM: A40MPGR-TF-300-E
RX CODE: WFK40RU3-U----Standard: IMPSize: 4Clamp: 119mmGasket Type: Type BOEM: A40MPGR-TF-400-E
RX CODE: WFK60RU3-U----Standard: IMPSize: 6Clamp: 167mmGasket Type: Type BOEM: A40MPGR-TF-600-E
RX CODE: WFK80RU3-U----Standard: IMPSize: 8Clamp: 217,4mmGasket Type: Type BOEM: A40MPGR-TF-800-E
RX CODE: WFKAARU3-U----Standard: IMPSize: 10Clamp: 268mmGasket Type: Type BOEM: A40MPGR-TF-1000-E
RX CODE: WFKABRU3-U----Standard: IMPSize: 12Clamp: 319mmGasket Type: Type BOEM: A40MPGR-TF-1200-E
RX CODE: WFK02RU1-UA---Standard: ISOSize: DN6Clamp: 25mmGasket Type: Type BOEM: ISO1127-06-TF-E
RX CODE: WFK03RU1-UA---Standard: ISOSize: DN8Clamp: 25mmGasket Type: Type BOEM: ISO1127-08-TF-E
RX CODE: WFK04RU1-UA---Standard: ISOSize: DN10Clamp: 25mmGasket Type: Type BOEM: ISO1127-10-TF-E
RX CODE: WFL05RU1-UB---Standard: ISOSize: DN15Clamp: 34mmGasket Type: Type AOEM: ISO1127-15-TF-E
RX CODE: WFL05UL1-UC---Standard: ISOSize: DN15Clamp: 50,5mmGasket Type: Type AOEM: ISO1127-15B-TF-E
RX CODE: WFL07RU1-U----Standard: ISOSize: DN20Clamp: 50,5mmGasket Type: Type AOEM: ISO1127-20-TF-E
RX CODE: WFL10RU1-U----Standard: ISOSize: 25mmClamp: 50,5mmGasket Type: Type AOEM: ISO1127-25-TF-E
RX CODE: WFL12UL1-UC---Standard: ISOSize: DN32Clamp: 50,5mmGasket Type: Type AOEM: ISO1127-32-TF-E
RX CODE: WFL15RU1-U----Standard: ISOSize: DN40Clamp: 64mmGasket Type: Type AOEM: ISO1127-40-TF-E
RX CODE: WFL20RU1-U----Standard: ISOSize: DN50Clamp: 77,5mmGasket Type: Type AOEM: ISO1127-50-TF-E
RX CODE: WFL25RU1-U----Standard: ISOSize: DN65Clamp: 91mmGasket Type: Type AOEM: ISO1127-65-TF-E
RX CODE: WFL30RU1-U----Standard: ISOSize: DN80Clamp: 106mmGasket Type: Type AOEM: ISO1127-80-TF-E
RX CODE: WFL40RU1-U----Standard: ISOSize: DN100Clamp: 130mmGasket Type: Type AOEM: ISO1127-100-TF-E
RX CODE: WFL50RU1-U----Standard: ISOSize: DN125Clamp: 155mmGasket Type: Type AOEM: ISO1127-125-TF-E
RX CODE: WFL60RU1-U----Standard: ISOSize: DN150Clamp: 183mmGasket Type: Type AOEM: ISO1127-150-TF-E
RX CODE: WFL80RU1-U----Standard: ISOSize: DN200Clamp: 233,5mmGasket Type: Type AOEM: ISO1127-200-TF-E