13MHHM-D (SH) ACL Tri-Clamp

Hinge Lay-Out: Double Rivet Hinge Plate

RX Code: QH7

The premier and bestselling clamp in the ACL range. This double-hinged clamp is completely manufactured in stainless steel 316/1.4401 with a highly polished finish. The ACL flagship market-leading clamp is suitable for the majority of applications, with pressure ratings certified by Force Denmark.


  • Size 25 mm up to 338.5 mm

All Variations

RX CODEClampNUTOEMQuantityAdd to Cart
RX CODE: QH70250UNC3QX3Clamp: 25mmNUT: ButterflyOEM: CL.SH.0050
RX CODE: QH70250UNC3QX5Clamp: 25mmNUT: HexOEM: CL.SHX.0050
RX CODE: QH70340UNC3QX4Clamp: 34mmNUT: ButterflyOEM: CL.SH.D010
RX CODE: QH70505UNC3QX4Clamp: 50,5mmNUT: ButterflyOEM: CL.SH.0100
RX CODE: QH70505UNC3QX5Clamp: 50,5mmNUT: HexOEM: CL.SHX.0100
RX CODE: QH70640UNC3QX5Clamp: 64mmNUT: HexOEM: CL.SHX.0200
RX CODE: QH70640UNC3QX4Clamp: 64mmNUT: ButterflyOEM: CL.SH.0200
RX CODE: QH70775UNC3QX4Clamp: 77,5mmNUT: ButterflyOEM: CL.SH.0250
RX CODE: QH70910UNC3QX4Clamp: 91mmNUT: ButterflyOEM: CL.SH.0300
RX CODE: QH71060UNC3QX4Clamp: 106mmNUT: ButterflyOEM: CL.SH.0350
RX CODE: QH71190UNC3QX4Clamp: 119mmNUT: ButterflyOEM: CL.SH.0400
RX CODE: QH71300UNC3QX4Clamp: 130mmNUT: ButterflyOEM: CL.SH.0450
RX CODE: QH71550M103QX4Clamp: 155mmNUT: ButterflyOEM: CL.SH.0550
RX CODE: QH71670M103QX4Clamp: 167mmNUT: ButterflyOEM: CL.SH.0600
RX CODE: QH71830M103QX5Clamp: 183mmNUT: HexOEM: CL.SHX.0658
RX CODE: QH71830M103QX4Clamp: 183mmNUT: ButterflyOEM: CL.SH.0658
RX CODE: QH72180M103QX4Clamp: 218mmNUT: ButterflyOEM: CL.SH.0800
RX CODE: QH72180M103QX5Clamp: 218mmNUT: HexOEM: CL.SHX.0800
RX CODE: QH72330M103QX4Clamp: 233mmNUT: ButterflyOEM: CL.SH.0858
RX CODE: QH72680M103QX4Clamp: 268mmNUT: ButterflyOEM: CL.SH.1000
RX CODE: QH73190M103QX4Clamp: 319mmNUT: ButterflyOEM: CL.SH.1200

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