Kest – KM ATEX – Magnetic Coupled Mixer

For volumes to 22000 liter, ATEX Zone 1 and 21.


  • ATEX Zone 1 and 21
  • Full traceability on all parts with media contact
  • All tank plates are FEM Analyzed according to PED and ASME
  • Zero particle shedding
  • Short down time





316L (1.4435)




Kest Mixer KM ATEX for Zone 1 and 21 is a bottom mounted magnetic coupled mixer. Aseptic design and excellent mixing performance, able to mix to the last drop.

The ideal choice for critical pharma and biotech applications where full product recovery is important. The mixer is classified for Zone 1 and 21 inside and outside of the tank.

The Kest Mixer ATEX magnetic coupled mixer has a unique mix of intelligent controls, user-friendly design and innovative engineering. Its unique design and many powerful features provide cost efficient, low maintenance mixing processes with reliable results. Everything from its mixing head design and the bearing materials is built for one thing: perfect flow.

Full product recovery and zero particle shedding

The unique mixing head design and the position of the blades close to the bottom of the tank allows the mixer to run while the tank is being emptied, which ables the mixer to mix low levels as well. Mixing to the last drop with uncompromised cleanability.

The robust bearing combination of Zirconium and Sic and the fine-tuned geometry, ensures no particle build-up in the media. The higher bending strength of the zirconium material enables the male bearing to be made in one solid piece. This optimizes the aseptic design and increases the robustness and low wear property of the bearing.

ATEX Zone 1 and 21

The mixer is ATEX classified for zone 1 and 21 inside and outside of the tank, to coop with most situations. More information about the ATEX string in the datasheet.

Total integrity of the tank

The Mixer tank plate is machined from a solid bar. The design is FEM analyzed in comly with PED and ASME pressure vessel code. The tank plate is welded into the tank and creates a solid barrier with no risk of contamination of the media inside the tank.

Minimize down time

The drive unit is equipped with the patented Kest-Lock connection that ensures quick disconnection from the tank plate during maintenance. When you put the drive unit back on the tank plate, the spring closed Kest-Lock helps the operator to hold the drive unit in place when tightening the screw.

Technical information

Mixing volumeup to 22.000 liters
Pressure range-1 to 10 bar
Temp. range0°C to 150°C
Material-Mixerhead: 316L (1.4435) and Silicone carbide (SiC)
-Bearing: Zirconium dioxide (ZrO2)
-Tankplate: 316L (1.4435)
-Sealing: EPDM or Silicone
FinishingRa≤[0.5 μm] [20 µin] Polished – on surfaces with product contact
Electrical specificationsDepends on model type, see datasheet
MarkingHead and Bearing is marked with ID No. Tank plate is marked with material grade and heat number
CertificatesFDA, USP Class VI, 3.1, IP55, ATEX 2GD