QUATTROFLOW – Multi use QF5k

RX Code: PUG

Quaternary pharmaceutical pumps with flowrate 50 to 6.000


  • Increased max. flow rate of 6,000 lph with most drives
  • Clean-In-Place/Steaming-In-Place (CIP/SIP) and autoclavability
  • Up to 120:1 turndown ratio
  • Improved linear flow performance & high flow stability across entire flow range
  • Typical applications include: Chromatography, TFF, virus filtration, sterile filtration, depth filtration
  • Diaphragm monitoring available as option
  • Self-draining design to minimize non-recoverable product
  • Enhanced venting to reduce the minimum flow rate required to remove entrapped air during priming
  • Patented valve plate design to achieve self draining and venting
  • Motor flange design to reduce pump noise and simplify coupling alignment

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    Quattroflow extends its next generation Quaternary (Four-Piston) Diaphragm Pumps with the new QF5K.

    Quattroflow QF5K pharmaceutical pump is designed to achieve a constant flow with low pulsation at a flow rate between 50 and 6,000 lph. The pump introduces improvements to critical functionality that the biopharma industry demands. The QF5K is arranged more efficient in the pump chamber. In addition, the pump can achieve a higher flowrate and has a new head which does not require support, unlike the QF4400. This ensures a more compact and lighter pump.


    • AC version: With 3 phase asynchronous motor
    • Compact drive: Minimal footprint due to “pump next to motor” design
    • HT drive: Plug-and-play version with integrated motor controller and keypad
    • Q-Control: Integrated pump controller with direct sensor connection

    Quattroflow diaphragm pumps

    Quattroflow stainless-steel Multiple-Use pumps deliver the highest level of purity, containment and cleanability in biopharmaceutical-manufacturing operations, from simple product transfer to critical and demanding filtration and chromatography applications. Due to the pump mechanism, the pump can safely transport all liquids with a constant flow rate.

    The quaternary piston design ensures that the product is completely contained without abrasion or particle formation. These sanitary pumps are suitable for CIP/SIP operations and also offer autoclaving capabilities. Check the video to see why Quattroflow pumps are the best choice for the (bio)pharmaceutical industry!


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    Max temp.
    • Fluid: 80°C
    • CIP: 90°C
    • SIP: 130°C
    • Autoclave: 130°C
    Max pressure
    • Fluid temp. < 40°C: 6 bar, 4 bar continuously
    • Fluid temp. > 40°C: 4 bar
    Connection Tri-Clamp (1,5″)
    • Pump chamber: 316L
    • Valve plate: 316L
    • Diaphragms: TPE
    • Valves: EPDM
    • O-rings: EPDM
    Eccentric shaft°
    Certificates (standard) 3.1 material, FDA, USP Class VI

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