FLOWLINX – FlowTainer PC Bottle

A bottle from polycarbonate for high-purity fluid handling


  • Manufactured in an ISO 8 cleanroom
  • Easy to read graduations
  • Excellent for freezing and storage applications
  • Validation package available





Polycarbonate is impact resistant and are excellent for storage and transport in -90°C.

The bottle is compatible with weak acids and some alcohol, but not with bases and aggressive solvents. This makes the bottle suitable for freeze, media, and buffer storage and containing aqueous solutions.

The Flowtainer has an easy-to-handle design with readable graduation. It is available from 5 mL to 20 L. To fit your process applications, we are able to assemble the bottle with a hose barb cap, tubing, connectors, and vent filter.

The bottle is manufactured in an ISO 8 cleanroom and each lot undergoes stringent testing to ensure it meets the highest standards as USP <85> and USP <788>.
See the regulatory overview for a clear summary.


  • Low-temperature storage and transport to -90°C
  • Gamma readable
  • Ups Class VI and animal component-free

Technical information

MaterialsBottle: Polycarbonate

Cap: High-Density Polyethylene

Volumes5mL, 20mL,125mL, 500mL,1 L,2 L, 5 L,10 L, 20 L
Shelf life3 years, Non-Sterile/Non-Irradiated