FREUDENBERG – Two-Hole Stoppers

For tight, reliable seals


  • Packaged 12 per zip bag in crush-resistant boxes
  • Autoclavable
  • contain no peroxide catalysts





Pharmaceutical grade silicone stoppers are platinum-cured and ideal for a tight, reliable seal.


Two-Hole Stoppers have full traceability down to the raw material, contain no peroxide residues, and are autoclavable. In our clean room, we can add stoppers in assemblies. Stoppers, caps, and inserts for True Unions, with or without tubing, are available.

The stoppers come in a variety of sizes and have multiple capabilities such as pre-drilled holes and the ability to be added to assemblies. Available in 16 standard sizes, hole diameter ranges from 3mm to 16mm.

Technical information

CertificationsISO 10993-1, FDA 21 CFR 177-2600, USP Class VI, EP 3.1.9
Typical hardness50 shore
Clean Room CompatibilityISO Class 8 cleanrooms
Dimensions16 standard sizes, top diameter from 13 mm, 68 mm