Steam-Thru II

Steam on and steam off connection between a hybrid system


  • Innovative three-port design
  • Patented valve design
  • Thumb latch
  • ¾” and 1 ½” sanitary terminations
  • Autoclavable and gamma-sterilizable





With aseptic processing, even the smallest amount of microbiological activity coming into direct contact with the process input will result in your batch going to waste.


It is therefore essential that all still active micro-organisms in the system are eliminated.

Compared to the steam-Thru, the steam-Thru II can be switched from flow mode to steam mode. This allows you to remove any residual media residue through a steam off cycle. Due to a thumb latch, you can easily switch between “steam on” and “steam off” and use the connector several times.

The patented three-port design allows steam to pass directly through the connection. This creates a sterile flow between your stainless steel processing equipment and single-use systems, without the need to disassemble your equipment. This results in saving time, eliminating unnecessary cleaning procedures and reducing validation.

See the specification sheet for an clear overview of the dimensions and sizes.

Technical information

PressureSteam position: up to 35 psi, 2,4 bar
Flow position: vacuum to 20 psi, 1,4 bar
Operating temperature4°C to 40°C
  • Connections: polysulfone (amber tint)
  • O-ring: silicone (clear, platinum-cured)
  • Removeable sleeve: polycarbonate