SONOTEC – C3 software

Parameterization software for Non-Contact Flow Meters


  • Data logging with auto-save function
  • Minimizing maintenance costs
  • Configure and calibrate sensors onsite for different applications
  • Control sensor performance and outputs





The C³ Software is a milestone in user-friendliness and smart sensor technology.


For engineers who work on processes and development, the newly developed software hub allows a straightforward application of SONOFLOW and SEMIFLOW sensors. 

Sensor Operations 

  • Easy sensor identification 
  • Connection of up to 12 sensors simultaneously 
  • Flow monitoring and volume totalization in real-time 
  • Data logging functionality with auto-saving 
  • Huge plot area with auto-scaling and zoom functionality 
  • A password-protected interface with a clean interface 
  • Monitoring screen with full-screen mode, perfectly suited to laboratory applications and process control 
  • Customer-specific factory default settings 

Sensor Adjustments 

  • Set a correction / offset factor to adjust the sensor for customer-specific fluids or applications 
  • Onsite sensor calibration 
  • Customizable/definable pre-settings for specific applications 
  • Setting sensor outputs/inputs for complex automation processes such as RS-485 network integration 
  • Easy sensor output selection for optimal system integration 
  • Loading different .hex / .c3cvb files for different applications 
  • Assigning sensor names for easy identification 

Supported devices: SONOFLOW® CO.55, SEMIFLOW® CO.65, SEMIFLOW® CO.66 PI Ex1, SONOFLOW® IL.52, Portable USB Data Converter, Remote Display RD.10 

Technical information