SONOTEC – Portable USB Data Converter

Power Supply of SONOFLOW® and SEMIFLOW® Sensors


  • Easy power supply for flow sensors via a connected power bank
  • Monitor real-time flow on flow meters with integrated display for small-scale lab applications
  • Direct transfer of measurement data
  • Convenient connection of flow sensors via USB and PC with C3 Software





Convenient Power Supply & Data Communication.


With the Portable USB Data Converter Type 023, non-contact flow meters from the SONOFLOW and SEMIFLOW series can be powered via standard USB power sockets. The sensor accessory has an 8-pin M12 connector and a standard USB plug implemented in a compact housing with integrated electronics. 

Supported devices: SONOFLOW® CO.55, SEMIFLOW® CO.65, SONOFLOW® IL.52, C³ Software, Remote Display RD.10 

Technical information

Dimensions (L x W x H) 50 x 25 x 15.5 mm 
Materials Housing: ABS; cable bend relief: PVC 
Operating Voltage 5 V 
Current Consumption max. 500 mA 
Connectors 8-pin M12 connector, USB 2.0 
Ambient Temperature 0 … +60 °C 
Protection Class IP40 on USB side, IP65 at M12 connector 
Accessories Adapter cable (to Binder series 720) for SEMIFLOW sensors