SONOTEC – SONOFLOW CO.55 V3.0 Flowmeter

Compact Clamp-on Flow Sensor





The SONOFLOW CO.55 V3.0 clamp-on flow sensor detects the flow rate of liquids in tubing very precicely within a few milliseconds. 

The clamp-on flow sensor has no contact to the medium or product and is suitable for applications in processes with strict hygienic standards. The sensors detect the flow rate of liquids in tubing of different diameters or materials within a few milliseconds. Tubing is easily put into the sensor and enables a smooth and uncomplicated change. Outstanding measurement accuracy over a wide flow range and highest clamp-to-clamp repeatability.


The compact SONOFLOW CO.55 V3.0 flow sensors with integrated electronics are suitable for applications ranging from process development through GMP to fill and finish operations. The non-contact sensor is available for most industry standard tubing sizes.


The SONOFLOW CO.55 V3.0 sets a new standard for non-contact flow meters in regards to clamp-to-clamp repeatability. The measurement channel of the new sensor has been adapted for typical bioprocessing tubing. The tubing is properly inserted with minimal variation from clamp to clamp ensuring perfect coupling between tubing wall and measuring channel.

Re-inserting the tubing into the sensor has almost no effect on the measurement accuracy resulting in a relative accuracy of ±2 mL/min in the low flow rates.


  • Measurement accuracy of 1%, even at lowest flow rates
  • Excelent clamp-to-clamp repeatability for standard tubing
  • Reliable real-time flow measurement from 5 ml/min to 200 L/min
  • Non-contact design
  • Extremely low pressure drop
  • integrated electronics, no external transmitter required
  • stable measurement unnafacted by bubbles and different pressure conditions

Technical information