Smart control of your pump operations


  • Smart control functions that usually require an external PLC
  • PID control mode for pressure-or flow-controlled pump operations
  • Autotune function to automatically find optimal PID parameters
  • Configurable alarms to stop the pump
  • Dispensing feature to automatically fill defined volumes of liquid
  • Trend data and alarm logging
  • Remote operation





Quattroflow Q-Control is an integrated pump controller for Quattroflow multiple-use and single-use pharmaceutical pumps.


It interfaces with a variety of flow and pressure sensors to provide users with automated control over their pump operations. With built-in smart control functions that no longer require an external PLC, Q-Control leads to a new generation of Quattroflow biopharma pumps.

Technical information

Manual modeManual motor speed selection
Manual FlowManual motor speed selection with flow calculation
External ModeExternal pump control
Dispense ModeAutomated dispensing of preconfigured volumes
Pressure Control ModeAutomated pressure control (e.g. for filtration); requires a connected pressure sensor
Flow Control ModeAutomated flow control (e.g. for cross-flow control); requires a connected flow sensor
AlarmsFree configurable alarms
PIN codesPIN code protection of configuration settings
USB port
  • Backup of system configuration setting
  • Data logging
  • Installation of firmware updates