ARTeSYN – Diaphragm Replacement Valve MANUAL

RX Code: MRO

With replaceable Sleeve


  • Reduced down time
  • No cleaning validation
  • no batch-to-batch cross contamination risk
  • Highest reliability for critical valves
  • Safe, reliable and simplified processing
  • No entrapment areas and no product loss
  • Lower pressure drop, reduced process equipment size
  • No shear stress on cells and proteins compared to traditional diaphragm valves
  • Suits both pressurized and unpressurized applications

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    ARTeSYN Diaphragm Replacement valves have a replaceable flow through liner and are designed to be a drop-in replacement for existing diaphragm valves.

    No more worries about cleaning diaphragm valves, simply remove and replace the liner. These Diaphragm Replacement Valves (DRVs) have the same interior dimensions as standard stainless steel tube sizes, so they can fit seamlessly into existing processes. Just unclamp and replace!

    Switch over from traditional diaphragm valves to a DRV easily and adopt single-use processing. The DRV brings process improvements by offering a design that is free of shear, hold-ups and flow restrictions when in an open state. The complete single-use contact layer benefits the user by eliminating the need for cleaning and ensures functional reliability of critical valves at point of use.


    The Diaphragm Replacement Valves are avaiable in a variety of connection sizes, enables seamless valve replacement in existing processes. Besides the manually operated DRV we’ve also got a pneumatic DRV type. The simple and secure fluid contact layer set up allows for quick and reliable fluid control at a predictable operating cost. The engineered full bore, encapsulated design allows for downsized process equipment and increased closure resistance, enabling higher level of process safety and drug yields in bioprocessing.


    The single-use liner internal diameters range from 9.4 mm (0.37 in.) up to 34.8 mm(1.37 in.), in close alignment to the ASME BPE standard widely used for fixed piping systems allowing for seamless equipment integration. The liners come with integrated gaskets, thereby minimizing the connection sealing surface and reducing the number of additional parts.

    With a range of sizes, the Diaphragm Replacement Valves are suitable for use in liquid or gas fluid streams from upstream processing, downstream processing through to formulation and filling. The DRVs are also designed for use in both traditional and hybrid facilities. The valve bodies are manufactured from high end 316L stainless steel ensuring they meet the highest quality standards. Sterilization options: Autoclave (One 75-minute cycle at 130 °C) or SIP (One 75-minute cycle at 130 °C)

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    Operating Temp. range* 2°C to 60°C
    Material Body, connections: 316L
    Liner: Silicone
    Operated manual or actuator
    Certificates FDA (CFR 177.2600), USP Class VI, {87}, {88}, {661}, BPOG, BSE/TSE, ADIF

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