FLOWLINX- sidewinder pinch clamp

The Sidewinder Pinch Clamp from FlowLinx ensures quick and easy installation


  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Multi-Use
  • Validated pinch clamp
  • 6-Position Rachet for Precise Flow Regulation





In contrast to conventional Pinch Clamps, this innovative design allows the tubing to be fitted though the sides of the clamp.

This eliminates the need of installing the clamp prior to adding fittings and end connectors, maximizing operational efficiency.
Even if you forgot to add a pinch clamp, you can quickly and easily install the Pinch Clamp on an unbraided tubing assembly.
The Sidewinder is cost-effective as the product saves installation time and is multi-use.

To ensure the quality the Sidewinder Pinch Clamp is validated (by FlowLinx). The clamp underwent various tests: e.g., ASTM E515 bubble emission pressure test, ASTM D5276 drop testing and exposure to ultra-low temperatures.

The Sidewinder is available in two sizes and is suitable for unreinforced tubing up to 70 durometers. With the 6 positions, you can regulate the flow of the fluid to your specific need. With integral holes the Pinch Clamp is zip tie compatible, aiding process identification and tamper evident process.


  • Manufactured in an ISO 8 Cleanroom
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Facility
  • USP Class VI & ISO 10993-5

Technical information

MaterialsPolyketone F-POK-301C resin
CertificatesUSP Class VI & ISO 10993-5
Sizes0.375″ OD, 0.750″ OD
ISO levelManufactured in an ISO 8 Cleanroom in accordance with ISO 14644 principles
Max. cumulative Gamma dose45kGy
Shelf life5 years, Non-Sterile/Non-Irradiated, 5 years Gamma irradiated
Autoclaving121°C for 20 minutes