FLOWLINX- sidewinder pinch clamp

The easiest-to-install pinch clamp

RX Code: HQX

The Sidewinder is a unique ratcheting multi-use pinch clamp for precise fluid flow regulation.
Its innovative design allows for quick and easy installation on any tubing assembly, eliminating the need to install tubing before adding fittings and end connectors.
The holes in the clamp can be used with a zip tie for process identification (ID) and tamper evidence. Compatible with multiple tubing types,
The Sidewinder is available in two sizes for tubing up to 0.375” OD and 0.750” OD. A validation package is available upon request.


  • Multi Use
  • Side Installation
  • Quick and Easy Installation


  • Tested to 6,5 bar (94 psi) for Leak Resistance
  • Sterilizable by Gamma Irradiation and Autoclave
  • 6-Position Rachet for Precise Flow Regulation
  • Made from Polyketone
  • Sizes ¾” and ¾”

All Variations

RX CODEODPackagingOEMQuantityAdd to Cart
RX CODE: HQX-1OD: Max OD 3/4Packaging: 25 Pieces/BagOEM: F-PV-0375
RX CODE: HQX-2OD: Max OD 3/8Packaging: 25 Pieces/BagOEM: F-PV-0750

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