MECA-INOX Spare Parts

Different sizes, shapes and materials



  • simple maintenance of the seals





Ball, Seat, Stem



A wide range of spare parts is available for a large number of products and applications in different sizes, shapes and materials.

For example:

  • Seats and seals
  • Stainless steel stem and ball
  • Actuation spare kit springs

For more information, please download the PDF file or contact Romynox.

Technical information


All Variations

RX CODEModelSizeSpareOEMQuantityAdd to Cart
RX CODE: KZX40---PZ4100Model: PZ4Size: PI100/PR125Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PZ4100
RX CODE: KZX30---PZ4080Model: PZ4Size: PI80/PR100Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PZ4080
RX CODE: KZX25---PZ4065Model: PZ4Size: PI65/PR80Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PZ4065
RX CODE: KZX20---PZ4050Model: PZ4Size: PI50/PR65Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PY450
RX CODE: KZX15---PZ4040Model: PZ4Size: PI40/PR50Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PZ440
RX CODE: KZX12---PZ4032Model: PZ4Size: PI32/PR40Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PZ432
RX CODE: KZX10---PZ4025Model: PZ4Size: PI25/PR32Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PZ425
RX CODE: KZX07---PZ4020Model: PZ4Size: PI20/PR25Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PZ420
RX CODE: KZX05---PZ4015Model: PZ4Size: PI15/PR20Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PZ415
RX CODE: KZX04---PZ4010Model: PZ4Size: PI10/PR15Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PZ410
RX CODE: KXY40---PY4100Model: PY4Size: PI100/PR125Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PY4100
RX CODE: KXY30---PY4080Model: PY4Size: PI80/PR100Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PY4080
RX CODE: KXY25---PY4065Model: PY4Size: PI65/PR80Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PZ4065
RX CODE: KXY20---PY4050Model: PY4Size: PI50/PR65Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PY450
RX CODE: KXY15---PY4040Model: PY4Size: PI40/PR50Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PY440
RX CODE: KXY12---PY4032Model: PY4Size: PI32/PR40Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PY432
RX CODE: KXY10---PY4025Model: PY4Size: PI25/PR32Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PY425
RX CODE: KXY07---PY4020Model: PY4Size: PI20/PR25Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PY420
RX CODE: KXY05---PY4015Model: PY4Size: PI15/PR20Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PY415
RX CODE: KXY04---PY4010Model: PY4Size: PI10/PR15Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PY410
RX CODE: KXV40---P#4100Model: PY4 + CYSize: PI100/PR125Spare: SeatOEM: 410009_2PNIPG
RX CODE: KXV30---P#4080Model: PY4 + CYSize: PI80/PR100Spare: SeatOEM: 408009_2PNIPG
RX CODE: KXV25---P#4065Model: PY4 + CYSize: PI65/PR80Spare: SeatOEM: 406509_2PNIPG
RX CODE: KXV20---P#4050Model: PY4 + CYSize: PI50/PR65Spare: SeatOEM: 405009_2PNIPG
RX CODE: KXV15---P#4040Model: PY4 + CYSize: PI40/PR50Spare: SeatOEM: 404009_2PNIPG
RX CODE: KXV12---P#4032Model: PY4 + CYSize: PI32/PR40Spare: SeatOEM: 403209_2PNIPG
RX CODE: KXV10---P#4025Model: PY4 + CYSize: PI25/PR32Spare: SeatOEM: 402509_2PNIPG
RX CODE: KXV07---P#4020Model: PY4 + CYSize: PI20/PR25Spare: SeatOEM: 402009_2PNIPG
RX CODE: KXV05---P#4015Model: PY4 + CYSize: PI15/PR20Spare: SeatOEM: 401509_2PNIPG
RX CODE: KXV04---P#4010Model: PY4 + CYSize: PI10/PR15Spare: SeatOEM: 041009_P4NIPG
RX CODE: KXS20---RST050Model: RSTSize: PI50/PR65Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-130
RX CODE: KXS15---RST040Model: RSTSize: PI40/PR50Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-129
RX CODE: KXS12---RST032Model: RSTSize: PI32/PR40Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-128
RX CODE: KXS10---RST025Model: RSTSize: PI25/PR32Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-127
RX CODE: KXS07---RST020Model: RSTSize: PI20/PR25Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-126
RX CODE: KXS05---RST015Model: RSTSize: PI15/PR20Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-125
RX CODE: KXS04---RST010Model: RSTSize: PI10/PR15Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-124
RX CODE: KXP40---PSG100Model: PS4-PGSize: PI100/PR125Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PS4100-PG
RX CODE: KXP30---PSG080Model: PS4-PGSize: PI80/PR100Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PS4080-PG
RX CODE: KXP25---PSG065Model: PS4-PGSize: PI65/PR80Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PS4065-PG
RX CODE: KXP20---PSG050Model: PS4-PGSize: PI50/PR65Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PS450-PG
RX CODE: KXP15---PSG040Model: PS4-PGSize: PI40/PR50Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PS440-PG
RX CODE: KXP12---PSG032Model: PS4-PGSize: PI32/PR40Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PS432-PG
RX CODE: KXP10---PSG025Model: PS4-PGSize: PI25/PR32Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PS425-PG
RX CODE: KXP07---PSG020Model: PS4-PGSize: PI20/PR25Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PS420-PG
RX CODE: KXP05---PSG015Model: PS4-PGSize: PI15/PR20Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PS415-PG
RX CODE: KXP04---PSG010Model: PS4-PGSize: PI10/PR15Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PS410-PG
RX CODE: KXJ40---PYF100Model: PYC-CY Fire SafeSize: PI100/PR125Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-YN4100SF
RX CODE: KXJ30---PYF080Model: PYC-CY Fire SafeSize: PI80/PR100Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-YN4080SF
RX CODE: KXJ25---PYF065Model: PYC-CY Fire SafeSize: PI65/PR80Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-YN4065SF
RX CODE: KXJ20---PYF050Model: PYC-CY Fire SafeSize: PI50/PR65Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-YN4050SF
RX CODE: KXJ15---PYF040Model: PYC-CY Fire SafeSize: PI40/PR50Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-YN4040SF
RX CODE: KXJ12---PYF032Model: PYC-CY Fire SafeSize: PI32/PR40Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-YN4032SF
RX CODE: KXJ10---PYF025Model: PYC-CY Fire SafeSize: PI25/PR32Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-YN4025SF
RX CODE: KXJ07---PYF020Model: PYC-CY Fire SafeSize: PI20/PR25Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-YN4020SF
RX CODE: KXJ05---PYF015Model: PYC-CY Fire SafeSize: PI15/PR20Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-YN4015SF
RX CODE: KXJ04---PYF010Model: PYC-CY Fire SafeSize: PI10/PR15Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-YN4010SF
RX CODE: KXG40---PYC100Model: PYC-CYSize: PI100/PR125Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-YN4100
RX CODE: KXG30---PYC080Model: PYC-CYSize: PI80/PR100Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-YN4080
RX CODE: KXG25---PYC065Model: PYC-CYSize: PI65/PR80Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-YN4065
RX CODE: KXG20---PYC050Model: PYC-CYSize: PI50/PR65Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-YN4050
RX CODE: KXG15---PYC040Model: PYC-CYSize: PI40/PR50Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-YN4040
RX CODE: KXG12---PYC032Model: PYC-CYSize: PI32/PR40Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-YN4032
RX CODE: KXG10---PYC025Model: PYC-CYSize: PI25/PR32Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-YN4025
RX CODE: KXG07---PYC020Model: PYC-CYSize: PI20/PR25Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-YN4020
RX CODE: KXG05---PYC015Model: PYC-CYSize: PI15/PR20Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-YN4015
RX CODE: KXG04---PYC010Model: PYC-CYSize: PI10/PR15Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-YN4010
RX CODE: KXE40---PN4100Model: PN4Size: PI100/PR125Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PN4100
RX CODE: KXE30---PN4080Model: PN4Size: PI80/PR100Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PN4080
RX CODE: KXE25---PN4065Model: PN4Size: PI65/PR80Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PN4065
RX CODE: KXE20---PN4050Model: PN4Size: PI50/PR65Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PN450
RX CODE: KXE15---PN4040Model: PN4Size: PI40/PR50Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PN440
RX CODE: KXE12---PN4032Model: PN4Size: PI32/PR40Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PN432
RX CODE: KXE10---PN4025Model: PN4Size: PI25/PR32Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PN425
RX CODE: KXE07---PN4020Model: PN4Size: PI20/PR25Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PN420
RX CODE: KXE05---PN4015Model: PN4Size: PI15/PR20Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PN415
RX CODE: KXE04---PN4010Model: PN4Size: PI10/PR15Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PN410
RX CODE: KXD40---P#4100Model: PS4/PN4/PZ4Size: PI100/PR125Spare: BallOEM: 410009_2PNI
RX CODE: KXD30---P#4080Model: PS4/PN4/PZ4Size: PI80/PR100Spare: BallOEM: 408009_2PNI
RX CODE: KXD25---P#4065Model: PS4/PN4/PZ4Size: PI65/PR80Spare: BallOEM: 406509_2PNI
RX CODE: KXD20---P#4050Model: PS4/PN4/PZ4Size: PI50/PR65Spare: BallOEM: 405009_2PNI
RX CODE: KXD15---P#4040Model: PS4/PN4/PZ4Size: PI40/PR50Spare: BallOEM: 404009_2PNI
RX CODE: KXD12---P#4032Model: PS4/PN4/PZ4Size: PI32/PR40Spare: BallOEM: 403209_2PNI
RX CODE: KXD10---P#4025Model: PS4/PN4/PZ4Size: PI25/PR32Spare: BallOEM: 402509_2PNI
RX CODE: KXD07---P#4020Model: PS4/PN4/PZ4Size: PI20/PR25Spare: BallOEM: 402009_2PNI
RX CODE: KXD05---P#4015Model: PS4/PN4/PZ4Size: PI15/PR20Spare: BallOEM: 401509_2PNI
RX CODE: KXD04---P#4010Model: PS4/PN4/PZ4Size: PI10/PR15Spare: BallOEM: 041009_P4NI
RX CODE: KXA40---4-----Model: PS4/PN4/PZ4Size: PI100/PR125Spare: StemOEM: 410005_2PNI
RX CODE: KXA2530-4-----Model: PS4/PN4Size: PI65/PR80 & PI80/PR100Spare: StemOEM: 406505_2PNI
RX CODE: KXA20---4-----Model: PS4/PN4Size: PI50/PR65Spare: StemOEM: 045005_P4NI
RX CODE: KXA1215-4-----Model: PS4/PN4Size: PI32/PR40 & PI40/PR50Spare: StemOEM: 043205_P4NI
RX CODE: KXA0710-4-----Model: PS4/PN4Size: PI20/PR25 & PI25/PR32Spare: StemOEM: 042005_P4NI
RX CODE: KXA05---4-----Model: PS4/PN4Size: PI15/PR20Spare: StemOEM: 041505_P4NI
RX CODE: KXA04---4-----Model: PS4/PN4Size: PI10/PR15Spare: StemOEM: 041005_P4NI
RX CODE: KVF40---P#4100Model: PS4/PN4Size: PI100/PR125Spare: SeatOEM: 110080_P4NTUSP
RX CODE: KVF30---P#4080Model: PS4/PN4Size: PI80/PR100Spare: SeatOEM: 108080_P4NTUSP
RX CODE: KVF25---P#4065Model: PS4/PN4Size: PI65/PR80Spare: SeatOEM: 106580_P4NTUSP
RX CODE: KHX05---R2H015Model: R2HSize: DN15Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2H-015-P9
RX CODE: KHX07---R2H020Model: R2HSize: DN20Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2H-020-P9
RX CODE: KHX10---R2H025Model: R2HSize: DN25Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2H-025-P9
RX CODE: KHX12---R2H032Model: R2HSize: DN32Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2H-032-P9
RX CODE: KHX15---R2H040Model: R2HSize: DN40Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2H-040-P9
RX CODE: KHX20---R2H050Model: R2HSize: DN50Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2H-050-P9
RX CODE: KHX25---R2H065Model: R2HSize: DN65Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2H-065-P9
RX CODE: KHX30---R2H080Model: R2HSize: DN80Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2H-080-P9
RX CODE: KHX40---R2H100Model: R2HSize: DN100Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2H-100-P9
RX CODE: KHX60---R2H150Model: R2HSize: DN150Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2H-150-P9
RX CODE: KHX80---R2H200Model: R2HSize: DN200Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2H-200-P9
RX CODE: KJX04---PS4010Model: PS4Size: PI10/PR15Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PS410
RX CODE: KJX05---PS4015Model: PS4Size: PI15/PR20Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PS415
RX CODE: KJX07---PS4020Model: PS4Size: PI20/PR25Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PS420
RX CODE: KJX10---PS4025Model: PS4Size: PI25/PR32Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PS425
RX CODE: KJX12---PS4032Model: PS4Size: PI32/PR40Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PS432
RX CODE: KJX15---PS4040Model: PS4Size: PI40/PR50Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PS440
RX CODE: KJX20---PS4050Model: PS4Size: PI50/PR65Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PS450
RX CODE: KJX25---PS4065Model: PS4Size: PI65/PR80Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PS4065
RX CODE: KJX30---PS4080Model: PS4Size: PI80/PR100Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PS4080
RX CODE: KJX40---PS4100Model: PS4Size: PI100/PR125Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-PS4100
RX CODE: KLX05---R2Z015Model: R2ZSize: DN15Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2Z-015-P1
RX CODE: KLX07---R2Z020Model: R2ZSize: DN20Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2Z-020-P1
RX CODE: KLX10---R2Z025Model: R2ZSize: DN25Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2Z-025-P1
RX CODE: KLX12---R2Z032Model: R2ZSize: DN32Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2Z-032-P1
RX CODE: KLX15---R2Z040Model: R2ZSize: DN40Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2Z-040-P1
RX CODE: KLX20---R2Z050Model: R2ZSize: DN50Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2Z-050-P1
RX CODE: KLX25---R2Z065Model: R2ZSize: DN65Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2Z-065-P0
RX CODE: KLX30---R2Z080Model: R2ZSize: DN80Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2Z-080-P0
RX CODE: KLX40---R2Z100Model: R2ZSize: DN100Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2Z-100-P0
RX CODE: KLX60---R2Z150Model: R2ZSize: DN150Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2Z-150-P0
RX CODE: KLX80---R2Z200Model: R2ZSize: DN200Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2Z-200-P0
RX CODE: KSX05---R2S015Model: R2SSize: DN15Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2S-015-P1
RX CODE: KSX07---R2S020Model: R2SSize: DN20Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2S-020-P1
RX CODE: KSX10---R2S025Model: R2SSize: DN25Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2S-025-P1
RX CODE: KSX12---R2S032Model: R2SSize: DN32Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2S-032-P1
RX CODE: KSX15---R2S040Model: R2SSize: DN40Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2S-040-P1
RX CODE: KSX20---R2S050Model: R2SSize: DN50Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2S-050-P1
RX CODE: KSX25---R2S065Model: R2SSize: DN65Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2S-065-P0
RX CODE: KSX30---R2S080Model: R2SSize: DN80Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2S-080-P0
RX CODE: KSX40---R2S100Model: R2SSize: DN100Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2S-100-P0
RX CODE: KSX60---R2S150Model: R2SSize: DN150Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2S-150-P0
RX CODE: KSX80---R2S200Model: R2SSize: DN200Spare: SeatOEM: POCH-R2S-200-P0
RX CODE: KVF04---P#4010Model: PS4/PN4Size: PI10/PR15Spare: SeatOEM: 041008CP4NTUSP
RX CODE: KVF05---P#4015Model: PS4/PN4Size: PI15/PR20Spare: SeatOEM: 041508CP4NTUSP
RX CODE: KVF07---P#4020Model: PS4/PN4Size: PI20/PR25Spare: SeatOEM: 042080_P4NTUSP
RX CODE: KVF10---P#4025Model: PS4/PN4Size: PI25/PR32Spare: SeatOEM: 042580_P4NTUSP
RX CODE: KVF12---P#4032Model: PS4/PN4Size: PI32/PR40Spare: SeatOEM: 043280_P4NTUSP
RX CODE: KVF15---P#4040Model: PS4/PN4Size: PI40/PR50Spare: SeatOEM: 044080_P4NTUSP
RX CODE: KVF20---P#4050Model: PS4/PN4Size: PI50/PR65Spare: SeatOEM: 045080_P4NTUSP