NICHOLSON / Emerson – CDS Steam trap

RX Code: CAH

Vertical installation


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    Thermal actuator is filled at its free length with a liquid having a lower boiling point than water. On start-up, the valve is normally open to discharge air, non-condensibles and condensate

    The temprature difference is called sub-cool and is a indication of the sensitivity of the thermal actuator.

    When steam enters the trap, the thermal actuator fill vaporizes to a pressure higher than line pressure. This forces the valve into seat orfice to prevent any further flow.

    As condensate collects, it takes heat from the actuator, lowering internal pressure. The line pressure will then compress thermal actuator to open the valve and discharge the condensate. Valve opening automatically adjusts to load conditions from minimum on very light loads to full lift at maximum load.

    Trap is designed to be self draining for vertical installation. For horizontal trap see: series CDH.
    The CDS-serie is complete ASME-BPE.


    • Finish: to 0.25 µm Ra Mechanical polishing and/or Electropolish
    • Gaskets: Tef-steek, PTFE, Teflon®, EPDM, USP Class VI & others materials
    • Certificates: MTR, COC

    Read more about Brand: NICHOLSON

    • Material:
      – Body: 316L
      – Gasket: Viton
    • Finish (internal): 0.5 µm Ra
    • Temperature: to 170ºC
    • Pressure: to 6,9 barg (100 PSIG)
    • Certificates: FDA-certificates

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