How to makean Enquiry at ROMYNOX

At ROMYNOX we want to give you a smooth experience on our website.

This is why we have created a WEB-SHOP which makes the quotation process easier.

Thanks to our WEB-SHOP you can now:
- See all the variations available for a product in one click.
- Order instantly the exact product you want.
- Get a direct quotation (without a price) and an email from our team within 24 hours.


  1. Open our website (
  2. Find the category of product you want to explore
  3. Click on the product you are interested in.
  4. Now that you are on the product page, either click on the ROMY-SHOP logo or scroll down to see the variations available for this product.


5. Add the product variation you are interested in and click on “ADD TO QUOTATION”

6. You can either finish your selection by clicking on “VIEW LIST” or continue exploring our website by clicking “CONTINUE” on the pop-up.

7. You can also click on the list icon at the top of the page and see all the products you have selected and their quantities.

8. You can adjust the list by clicking on the X next to a product image (If you want to remove this product from the list). And adjust the number of units you want to order by selecting + or -. If you write 0 units for a product and click on "UPDATE LIST". The product with 0 units will automatically be deleted from the list.

9. Once you are satisfied with your list, click on “UPDATE LIST” then on “PROCEED TO SUBMIT QUOTE”.

10. Enter your details and click on “SUBMIT QUOTATION”. Please note: after this step, you will NOT process payment.

11.  Our sales team will contact you shortly regarding your request.

Note: You can also find on our product page our RX code, a unique article code that helps our team double-check the product identity.

There are times when you won't see variations on the product page. Either the variation hasn’t been published yet. Or the product needs to be engineered. Meaning, our sales team will contact you to determine special specifications about the product. Those specifications are needed to determine the price and delivery time of the product.