ROMYNOX Fluid Transfer Port

Maintain sterility easier

The biggest challenge of a cleanroom is maintaining sterility.

The surface of a product vessel is a devious way for microorganisms to sneak into your cleanroom.

Every time you drive your product vessel into a cleanroom, you increase the risk of contamination.

With the transfer ports from ROMYNOX, you can transfer large quantities of liquids in a cleanroom via a portal in the wall.

This solution eliminates the need for riding your product vessel in a cleanroom, reduces the passage of personnel from preparation areas to processing areas, reduces the risk of cross-contamination, breakage, or spillage, and simplifies the cleaning process.


The mouse hole is a stainless steel pass-through wall portal with an SF1 finish. On both sides, it has a tri-clamp ASME BPE standard connection for ease of use. As a result, the Mousehole can be modularly expanded with minimal effort with the Iris valve and Romy-Pass.

Iris Valve

The Iris valve provides a dust-tight seal between two cleanrooms and is used in the upstream process. By simply passing a hose or tube through the Iris valve, you can keep your product vessel outside the cleanroom. The flexible and replaceable sleeve is made of EPDM, so you can use a hose regardless of thickness.


The Romy-Pass creates an airtight barrier between two classes of cleanrooms and is specially designed for downstream processes. To ensure it fits your most critical process steps, the Romy-Pass is custom-built to your specifications.

The silicone rings are sealed with a tri-clamp to meet the strictest hygiene standards. The discs fit one or multiple tubings, these tubings vary from PVC, silicone, and TPE. The Romy-Pass is assembled based on your request. For example, we can install a CPC Aseptiquick connector for aseptic processes.