DT7 – DT-4.1.1-1 Elbow 90° W x W

ASME BPE DT-4.1.1-1

RX Code: FD7

For reliable processes in the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology, ROMYNOX is the one-stop destination. We provide stainless steel fittings that comply with international ASME BPE standards and marking, with dimensions specified in ASME BPE Part DT-3-1. ASME BPE pipe fittings are the best choice for high cleanliness requirements in biological control.


  • All fittings are produced by ASME BPE certified producers.


  • Sizes ¼” up to 6″
  • 1.4404 / 316L

All Variations

RX CODEStandardSizeFinishingQuantityAdd to Cart
RX CODE: FD702WW3--45--Standard: IMPSize: 1/4Finishing: SF1
RX CODE: FD703WW3--45--Standard: IMPSize: 3/8Finishing: SF1
RX CODE: FD705WW3--45--Standard: IMPSize: 1/2Finishing: SF1
RX CODE: FD705WW3--4F--Standard: IMPSize: 1/2Finishing: SF4
RX CODE: FD707WW3--4F--Standard: IMPSize: 3/4Finishing: SF4
RX CODE: FD707WW3--45--Standard: IMPSize: 3/4Finishing: SF1
RX CODE: FD710WW3--45--Standard: IMPSize: 1Finishing: SF1
RX CODE: FD710WW3--4F--Standard: IMPSize: 1Finishing: SF4
RX CODE: FD715WW3--45--Standard: IMPSize: 1.1/2Finishing: SF1
RX CODE: FD715WW3--4F--Standard: IMPSize: 1.1/2Finishing: SF4
RX CODE: FD720WW3--45--Standard: IMPSize: 2Finishing: SF1
RX CODE: FD720WW3--4F--Standard: IMPSize: 2Finishing: SF4
RX CODE: FD725WW3--45--Standard: IMPSize: 2.1/2Finishing: SF1
RX CODE: FD725WW3--4F--Standard: IMPSize: 2.1/2Finishing: SF4
RX CODE: FD730WW3--45--Standard: IMPSize: 3Finishing: SF1
RX CODE: FD730WW3--4F--Standard: IMPSize: 3Finishing: SF4
RX CODE: FD740WW3--45--Standard: IMPSize: 4Finishing: SF1
RX CODE: FD740WW3--4F--Standard: IMPSize: 4Finishing: SF4

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Standard certificates


Optional certificates

2.2 Surface Finish

You can contact us or ask for your Optional Certificate in your quotation.

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