Ferrule Protector (Ideal solution for autoclave)

Protection of the ferrules from hoses, gauges and other instruments


  • Ideal solution for autoclave
  • tri-clamp connectie
  • stainless steal mesh
  • great for cleaning proces with steam





Ferrule Protectors for protection of pharma ferrules and precious, fragile membranes of pressure gauges and similar instrumentation.


The Ferrule Guards provide protection during calibration, routine maintenance and autoclave procedures. The guards are specially designed to fit a tri-clamp connection, fully protecting the surface of the ferrule from any damage. A must to extend the life of precious ferrules, components and instruments.

ideal for autoclave procedures and tubing

The protectors have a stainless steel mesh in the middle and are therefore not completely closed. This makes them very suitable for autoclaving procedures and draining hoses after, for example, a cleaning process with clean steam.

Protection of hose fittings

The protectors are very suitable for hose fittings that are regularly disconnected. The surface of the ferrule is fully protected and cannot be damaged when the hose is not in use.

Technical information

Maten25mm, 50.5mm en 64mm
  • Platinum Cured Siliconen
  • 316 RVS
Certificaten (standaard)USP Class VI