Kest-Lock Pipe Adapter Flange

Kest-Lock: Adapter Flange


  • Marked with brand
  • Material grade
  • Product code and heat number
  • The Kest-Lock is designed for use of standard gaskets acc. to ISO 2852 type B
  • Heat Certificate 3.1 acc. to EN 10 204







316L (1.4404)






When you want to connect two tri-clamps and you want to use a kest-lock, you should use the kest-lock pipe adapter flange. You attach the pipe adapter flange on one tri-clamp and attach the kest-lock to the pipe adapter flange. You can use the kest-lock basic ring of the kest-lock snap ring with this.


The kest-lock is designed for critical applications where aseptic design, easy and fast operating are essential, which is why it doesn’t need tools because of the unique quick coupling, it has no lose parts and can be easily operated with one hand.

Technical information

Sizes1/2″ to 4″
Design pressure range-1 to 10 bar
Temp. range-80°C to 200°C
Depending used gasket
Tri-Clamp ConnectionAcc. to:
ISO 2852
DIN 32676
Material1.4404 (316L)
FinishInterior Surfaces SF1
MarkingMarked with material grade and heat number
Certificates (standard)3.1 material
  • The Kest-Lock is designed for use of standard gaskets Tri-Clamp Type 1 Gaskets (acc. to ISO 2852 type B).
  • For special requests of specific materials or tube standards of the flanges, please contact us..


All Variations

RX CODEStandardSizePipe SizeClampOEMQuantityAdd to Cart
RX CODE: QKA-1Standard: SMSSize: DN12Pipe Size: 12,0x1,0Clamp: 25mmOEM: KLPAF-TC25-SMS12-30
RX CODE: QKA-2Standard: SMSSize: DN18Pipe Size: 18,0x1,5Clamp: 25mmOEM: KLPAF-TC25-SMS18-30
RX CODE: QKA-3Standard: SMSSize: DN25Pipe Size: 25,0x1,2Clamp: 50,5mmOEM: KLPAF-TC50-SMS25-30
RX CODE: QKA-4Standard: SMSSize: DN38Pipe Size: 38,0x1,2Clamp: 50,5mmOEM: KLPAF-TC50-SMS38-30
RX CODE: QKA20-54--5030Standard: SMSSize: DN51Pipe Size: 51x1,2Clamp: 64mmOEM: KLPAF-TC64-SMS51-30
RX CODE: QKA-5Standard: SMSSize: DN63Pipe Size: 63,5x1,6Clamp: 77,5mmOEM: KLPAF-TC77-SMS63-30
RX CODE: QKA-6Standard: SMSSize: DN76Pipe Size: 76,1x1,6Clamp: 91mmOEM: KLPAF-TC91-SMS76-30
RX CODE: QKA-7Standard: IMPSize: 1/2Pipe Size: 12,7x1,65Clamp: 25mmOEM: KLPAF-TC25-ASTM0.5-30
RX CODE: QKA-8Standard: IMPSize: 3/4Pipe Size: 19,1x1,65Clamp: 25mmOEM: KLPAF-TC25-ASTM0.75-30
RX CODE: QKA-9Standard: IMPSize: 1Pipe Size: 25,4x1,65Clamp: 50,5mmOEM: KLPAF-TC50-ASTM1.0-30
RX CODE: QKA15-34--5030Standard: IMPSize: 1.1/2Pipe Size: 38,1x1,65Clamp: 50,5mmOEM: KLPAF-TC50-ASTM1.5-30
RX CODE: QKA20-34--5030Standard: IMPSize: 2Pipe Size: 25,4x1,65Clamp: 64mmOEM: KLPAF-TC64-ASTM2.0-30
RX CODE: QKA-10Standard: IMPSize: 2.1/2Pipe Size: 63,5x1,65Clamp: 77,5mmOEM: KLPAF-TC77-ASTM2.5-30
RX CODE: QKA-11Standard: IMPSize: 3Pipe Size: 76,2x1,65Clamp: 91mmOEM: KLPAF-TC91-ASTM3.0-30
RX CODE: QKA-12Standard: IMPSize: 4Pipe Size: 101,6x2,11Clamp: 119mmOEM: KLPAF-TC119-ASTM4.0-30
RX CODE: QKA-13Standard: ISOSize: DN8Pipe Size: 13,5x1,6Clamp: 25mmOEM: KLPAF-TC25-ISO8-30
RX CODE: QKA-14Standard: ISOSize: DN10Pipe Size: 17,2x1,6Clamp: 34mmOEM: KLPAF-TC34-ISO10-30
RX CODE: QKA-15Standard: ISOSize: DN15Pipe Size: 21,3x1,6Clamp: 34mmOEM: KLPAF-TC34-ISO15-30
RX CODE: QKA-16Standard: ISOSize: DN20Pipe Size: 26,9x1,6Clamp: 50mmOEM: KLPAF-TC50-ISO20-30
RX CODE: QKA-17Standard: ISOSize: DN25Pipe Size: 33,7x2,0Clamp: 50mmOEM: KLPAF-TC50-ISO25-30
RX CODE: QKA-18Standard: ISOSize: DN32Pipe Size: 42,3x2,0Clamp: 64mmOEM: KLPAF-TC64-ISO32-30
RX CODE: QKA-19Standard: ISOSize: DN40Pipe Size: 48,3x2,0Clamp: 64mmOEM: KLPAF-TC64-ISO40-30
RX CODE: QKA-20Standard: ISOSize: DN50Pipe Size: 60,3x2,0Clamp: 77,5mmOEM: KLPAF-TC77-ISO50-30
RX CODE: QKA-21Standard: ISOSize: DN65Pipe Size: 76,1x2,3Clamp: 91mmOEM: KLPAF-TC91-ISO65-30
RX CODE: QKA-22Standard: DINSize: DN10Pipe Size: 13,0x1,5Clamp: 34mmOEM: KLPAF-TC34-EN10-30
RX CODE: QKA-23Standard: DINSize: DN15Pipe Size: 19,0x1,5Clamp: 34mmOEM: KLPAF-TC34-EN15-30
RX CODE: QKA-24Standard: DINSize: DN20Pipe Size: 23,0x1,5Clamp: 34mmOEM: KLPAF-TC34-EN20-30
RX CODE: QKA-25Standard: DINSize: DN25Pipe Size: 29,0x1,5Clamp: 50mmOEM: KLPAF-TC50-EN25-30
RX CODE: QKA-26Standard: DINSize: DN32Pipe Size: 35,0x1,5Clamp: 50mmOEM: KLPAF-TC50-EN32-30
RX CODE: QKA-27Standard: DINSize: DN40Pipe Size: 41,0x1,5Clamp: 50mmOEM: KLPAF-TC50-EN40-30
RX CODE: QKA-28Standard: DINSize: DN50Pipe Size: 53,0x1,5Clamp: 64mmOEM: KLPAF-TC64-EN50-30
RX CODE: QKA-29Standard: DINSize: DN65Pipe Size: 70,0x2,0Clamp: 91mmOEM: KLPAF-TC91-EN65-30
RX CODE: QKA-30Standard: DINSize: DN100Pipe Size: 104,0x2,0Clamp: 119mmOEM: KLPAF-TC119-EN100-30
RX CODE: QKA-31Standard: JISSize: 1Pipe Size: 25,4x1,2Clamp: 50,5mmOEM: KLPAF-TC50-JS1.0S-30
RX CODE: QKA-32Standard: JISSize: 1.1/4Pipe Size: 31,8x1,2Clamp: 50,5mmOEM: KLPAF-TC50-JS1.25S-30
RX CODE: QKA-33Standard: JISSize: 1.1/2Pipe Size: 38,1x1,2Clamp: 50,5mmOEM: KLPAF-TC50-JS1.5S-30
RX CODE: QKA-34Standard: JISSize: 2Pipe Size: 50,8x1,2Clamp: 64mmOEM: KLPAF-TC64-JS2.0S-30
RX CODE: QKA-35Standard: JISSize: 2Pipe Size: 63,5x2,0Clamp: 77,5mmOEM: KLPAF-TC77-JS2.5S-30
RX CODE: QKA-36Standard: JISSize: 3Pipe Size: 76,3x2,0Clamp: 91mmOEM: KLPAF-TC91-JS3.0S-30
RX CODE: QKA-37Standard: JISSize: 3Pipe Size: 89,1x2,0Clamp: 106mmOEM: KLPAF-TC106-JS3.5S-30