13LAH Tri-Clamp

Hinge Lay-Out: Single Interlocking Rivet


  • for aseptic tri-clamp connections.
  • the clamps can be supplied with a 3.1
  • tri-clamp connections





304 (1.4301)




As standard, Romynox has a sufficient stock of high quality clamps  for aseptic tri-clamp connections.


If desired, the clamps can be supplied with a 3.1 certificate so that you can be sure of the material quality.

For ferrule standards:

  • DIN 32676
  • ISO 1127
  • ISO 2852
  • BS 4825
  • SMS 3017

Technical information

Sizes1/2″ to 6″
DN8 – DN100
Max PressureSee table below
Material1.4301 (304)
Hinge Lay-OutSingle Interlocking Rivet
Certificates3.1 Solid Bar


All Variations

RX CODEClamp sizeNUTQuantityAdd to Cart
RX CODE: QH10250UNC5QX6Clamp size: 25mmNUT: Cross Hole
RX CODE: QH10250UNC5QX5Clamp size: 25mmNUT: Hex
RX CODE: QH10250UNC5QX1Clamp size: 25mmNUT: Semi closed
RX CODE: QH10250UNC5QX8Clamp size: 25mmNUT: Closed
RX CODE: QH10340UNC5QX2Clamp size: 34mmNUT: Ribbed
RX CODE: QH10340UNC5QX5Clamp size: 34mmNUT: Hex
RX CODE: QH10340UNC5QX7Clamp size: 34mmNUT: Cross Hole
RX CODE: QH10505UNC5QX2Clamp size: 50mmNUT: Ribbed
RX CODE: QH10505UNC5QX5Clamp size: 50mmNUT: Hex
RX CODE: QH10505UNC5QX7Clamp size: 50mmNUT: Cross Hole
RX CODE: QH10505UNC5QX8Clamp size: 50mmNUT: Closed
RX CODE: QH10640UNC5QX2Clamp size: 64mmNUT: Ribbed
RX CODE: QH10640UNC5QX7Clamp size: 64mmNUT: Cross Hole
RX CODE: QH10640UNC5QXVClamp size: 64mmNUT: Anti Vibration
RX CODE: QH10775UNC5QX7Clamp size: 77,5mmNUT: Cross Hole
RX CODE: QH10910UNC5QX7Clamp size: 91mmNUT: Cross Hole
RX CODE: QH11060UNC5QX7Clamp size: 106mmNUT: Cross Hole
RX CODE: QH11190UNC5QX2Clamp size: 119mmNUT: Ribbed
RX CODE: QH11190UNC5QX5Clamp size: 119mmNUT: Hex
RX CODE: QH11190UNC5QX7Clamp size: 119mmNUT: Cross Hole
RX CODE: QH11300UNC5QX7Clamp size: 130mmNUT: Cross Hole
RX CODE: QH11670UNC5QX2Clamp size: 167mmNUT: Ribbed
RX CODE: QH11670UNC5QX7Clamp size: 167mmNUT: Cross Hole
RX CODE: QH12180UNC5QX7Clamp size: 218mmNUT: Cross Hole
RX CODE: QH12680UNC5QX7Clamp size: 268mmNUT: Cross Hole
RX CODE: QH13190UNC5QX7Clamp size: 319mmNUT: Cross Hole