13MHHM Q Tri-Clamp

RX Code: QH5

Single Pin Squeeze Clamp


  • useable with one hand
  • Single Interlocking Rivet
  • Certificates: 3.1 Material

The Single Pin Squeeze Clamp is a patented innovation based on the industry standard single pin Tri-Clamp.

The Squeeze Clamp includes two handles and a spring that allows the user to grasp and open the clamp with one hand and release the clamp after assembly leaving the other hand free to install the gasket and hold the connection. This innovation eliminates the need for a “third” hand when making those awkward pipe connections in the plant.

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All Variations

RX CODEClamp sizeNUTOEMQuantityAdd to Cart
RX CODE: QH50250UNC5QX1Clamp size: 25mmNUT: Semi closedOEM: 13MHHM-Q-075
RX CODE: QH50505UNC5QX1Clamp size: 50,5mmNUT: Semi closedOEM: 13MHHM-Q-100150
RX CODE: QH50640UNC5QX1Clamp size: 64mmNUT: Semi closedOEM: 13MHHM-Q-200
RX CODE: QH50775UNC5QX1Clamp size: 77,5mmNUT: Semi closedOEM: 13MHHM-Q-250
RX CODE: QH50910UNC5QX1Clamp size: 91mmNUT: Semi closedOEM: 13MHHM-Q-300
RX CODE: QH51190UNC5QX1Clamp size: 119mmNUT: Semi closedOEM: 13MHHM-Q-400

Sizes 1/2″ to 4″
Connections Tri-Clamp
Material 1.4301 (304)
Hinge Lay-Out Single Interlocking Rivet
Certificates 3.1 Material

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