Rubber Fab – Thermocouple Clamp

Sanitairy Thermocouple Clamp


  • Ideal for taking various measurements in locations in a process where this would normally be difficult.
  • can measure temperature
  • can take samples
  • can add small injections





304 (1.4301), 316 (1.4401)






Smart Gasket Thermocouple Tri-Clamps are designed as clamps for Smart Gaskets to take temperature measurements, samples and other data.


The Smart Gasket Thermocouple Tri-Clamp has 1 to 4 inputs (see figure 4), just like the corresponding Smart Gaskets. Ideal for taking various measurements in locations in a process where this would normally be difficult.

Measuring temperature with a thermocouple, taking samples or adding small injections to the process, all possible with the Smart Gasket in combination with the Smart Gasket Thermocouple Tri-Clamp.

Smart Clamp 34mm

Also available: Smart Clamp 34mm

Technical information

Sizes1/2″ to 4″
Material1.4301 (304), also available in 316
Hinge Lay-outSingle Interlocking Rivet
Certificates (opt.)2.2 material


All Variations

RX CODEClamp sizePortColourOEMQuantityAdd to Cart
RX CODE: VBK0250-1-5QX6Clamp size: 25mmPort: 1Colour: STDOEM: CL-TH-A075-1
RX CODE: VBK0250-1B5QX6Clamp size: 25mmPort: 1Colour: STDOEM: CL-TH-050-075-1B
RX CODE: VBK0250-2-5QX6Clamp size: 25mmPort: 2Colour: STDOEM: CL-TH-A075-2
RX CODE: VBK0250-3-5QX6Clamp size: 25mmPort: 3Colour: STDOEM: CL-TH-050/075IN-3
RX CODE: VBK0250-4-5QX6Clamp size: 25mmPort: 4Colour: STDOEM: CL-TH-050/075-4
RX CODE: VBK0250-4B5QX6Clamp size: 25mmPort: 4Colour: BLUEOEM: CL-TH-050-075-4B
RX CODE: VBK0340-1-5QX7Clamp size: 34mmPort: 1Colour: STDOEM: CL-TH-034-1
RX CODE: VBK0340-2-5QX7Clamp size: 34mmPort: 2Colour: STDOEM: CL-TH-034-2
RX CODE: VBK0505---5QX7Clamp size: 50,5mmPort: Colour: STDOEM: CL-TH-A150-0
RX CODE: VBK0505-1-5QX7Clamp size: 50,5mmPort: 1Colour: STDOEM: CL-TH-100/150-1
RX CODE: VBK0505-1B5QX7Clamp size: 50,5mmPort: 1Colour: BLUEOEM: CL-TH-100-150-1B
RX CODE: VBK0505-2-5QX7Clamp size: 50,5mmPort: 2Colour: STDOEM: CL-TH-100/150-2
RX CODE: VBK0505-3-5QX7Clamp size: 50,5mmPort: 3Colour: STDOEM: CL-TH-100/150-3
RX CODE: VBK0505-3B5QX7Clamp size: 50,5mmPort: 3Colour: BLUEOEM: CL-TH-100-150-3B
RX CODE: VBK0505-4-5QX7Clamp size: 50,5mmPort: 4Colour: STDOEM: CL-TH-100/150-4
RX CODE: VBK0505-4B5QX7Clamp size: 50,5mmPort: 4Colour: BLUEOEM: CL-TH-100-150-4B
RX CODE: VBK0640-1-5QX7Clamp size: 64mmPort: 1Colour: STDOEM: CL-TH-200-1
RX CODE: VBK0640-1B5QX7Clamp size: 64mmPort: 1Colour: BLUEOEM: CL-TH-200-1B
RX CODE: VBK0640-2-5QX7Clamp size: 64mmPort: 2Colour: STDOEM: CL-TH-200-2
RX CODE: VBK0640-3-5QX7Clamp size: 64mmPort: 3Colour: STDOEM: CL-TH-200-3
RX CODE: VBK0640-4-5QX7Clamp size: 64mmPort: 4Colour: STDOEM: CL-TH-200-4
RX CODE: VBK0640-4B5QX7Clamp size: 64mmPort: 4Colour: BLUEOEM: CL-TH-200-4B
RX CODE: VBK0775-1-5QX7Clamp size: 77,5mmPort: 1Colour: STDOEM: CL-TH-A250-1
RX CODE: VBK0775-2-5QX7Clamp size: 77,5mmPort: 2Colour: STDOEM: CL-TH-A250-2
RX CODE: VBK0775-3-5QX7Clamp size: 77,5mmPort: 3Colour: STDOEM: CL-TH-A250-3
RX CODE: VBK0775-4-5QX7Clamp size: 77,5mmPort: 4Colour: STDOEM: CL-TH-A250-4
RX CODE: VBK0910-1-5QX7Clamp size: 91mmPort: 1Colour: STDOEM: CL-TH-300-1
RX CODE: VBK0910-2-5QX7Clamp size: 91mmPort: 2Colour: STDOEM: CL-TH-300-2
RX CODE: VBK0910-3-5QX7Clamp size: 91mmPort: 3Colour: STDOEM: CL-TH-300-3
RX CODE: VBK0910-4-5QX7Clamp size: 91mmPort: 4Colour: STDOEM: CL-TH-300-4
RX CODE: VBK1190-1-5QX7Clamp size: 119mmPort: 1Colour: STDOEM: CL-TH-400-1
RX CODE: VBK1190-2-5QX7Clamp size: 119mmPort: 2Colour: STDOEM: CL-TH-400-2
RX CODE: VBK1190-3-5QX7Clamp size: 119mmPort: 3Colour: STDOEM: CL-TH-400-3
RX CODE: VBK1190-4-5QX7Clamp size: 119mmPort: 4Colour: STDOEM: CL-TH-400-4