FLOWLINX – Polypropylene Sanitary Fittings

Ensure a sterile environment and maintain sterility during use


  • Manufactured in an ISO 8 Cleanroom in accordance with ISO 14644 principles
  • Sterilizable by Gamma Irradiation, ETO or Autoclave
  • Validation Package with BPOG Extractables Testing





FlowLinX Sanitary Fittings are designed for single use fluid transfer applications where sanitary processing is critical.


They are available in 3/4” and 1-1/2” flange sizes and can be easily assembled with silicone and TPE tubing. The FlowLinX Sanitary Fittings are available in polypropylene materials and are compatible with other ASME-BPE TC flanges.

These fittings are designed to meet the highest level of sanitary standards, with smooth surfaces and no crevices or pockets where bacteria, dirt, or other contaminants can hide. The polypropylene material is non-porous and highly resistant to corrosion, and the flange sizes are designed to provide a tight seal. This ensures the system is leak-proof and safe for single-use applications.


Size :

F-TC-1000X | FlowLinX 1-1/2″ (Maxi) TC x 1” Barb
F-TC-0750X | FlowLinX 1-1/2″ (Maxi) TC x 3/4” Barb
F-TC-0500X | FlowLinX 1-1/2″ (Maxi) TC x 1/2” Barb
F-TC-0375X | FlowLinX 1-1/2″ (Maxi) TC x 3/8” Barb
F-TC-0250X | FlowLinX 1-1/2″ (Maxi) TC x 1/4″ Barb
F-TC-0750M | FlowLinX 3/4″ (Mini) TC x 3/4” Barb
F-TC-0500M | FlowLinX 3/4″ (Mini) TC x 1/2” Barb
F-TC-0375M | FlowLinX 3/4″ (Mini) TC x 3/8” Barb
F-TC-0250M | FlowLinX 3/4″ (Mini) TC x 1/4″ Barb


  • Ups Class VI and Animal free
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Facility
  • Tested to 94 PSI (6.5 bar) for Leak Resistance
  • Smooth Inner Surface for Superior Flow
  • Validation Package with BPOG Extractables Testing


  • Conflict minerals as defined by the Dodd-Frank Act, are not used in the manufacture of FlowLinX products.
  • The P5M6K-080 resin used to manufacture FlowLinX products has been tested for extractable per the recommended guidelines of the BioPhorum Operations Group (BPOG). Results of the testing are available upon request.
  • The material used to manufacture FlowLinX products are compliant with REACH/RoHS requirements as indicated in the SVHC Table update 08JUL2021.

Technical information

MaterialsP5M6K-080 Animal Free Polypropylene Resin
CertificatesUSP <88> Class VI, ISO 10993-4, -5
ISO levelManufactured in an ISO 8 Cleanroom
Max. cumulative Gamma dose50kGy
Shelf life5 years, Non-Sterile/Non-Irradiated, 5 years Gamma irradiated
Autoclaving121°C for 20 minutes
Resin ManufacturerFlint Hills