QUATTROFLOW – Single use QF1200SU HT

RX Code: PTC

Quaternary single use pharmaceutical pumps with flowrate 6 to 1.200 lph


  • Very low pulsation and a constant flow
  • Integrated pump chamber, pump drive, motor, and control box
  • Extended turndown-ratio
  • Flexible single-phase 110-23V power supply
  • Q-control available

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    Quattroflow QF1200SU-HT Single use pharmaceutical pump with disposable wetted pump chamber.

    The QF1200SU-HT pump is designed to deliver a constant flow with low pulsation for low flowrates. The QF1200SU-HT can pump with a flowrate of 6 liter per hour and pumps 1.200 liters every hour at max capacity. The pump can run dry without risk and the four-piston system ensures low pulsation and self-priming. The Single use pump chamber of the pump is easy and quick to replace.

    Single-use diaphragm pumps from Quattroflow

    Single-Use diaphragm pumps have got a disposable product wetted chamber constructed from solid polypropylene (PP) or injection-molded polyethylene (PE) that can be replaced as a complete unit. The simple disposability of the pump chamber saves time and money by eliminating cleaning validation, sterilization, and product cross-contamination. The single-use pumps are self-priming and can be run dry. An exchange kit is available to retrofit a multi-use pump into a single use pump.

    Single-Use pumps are critical to reduce equipment turnaround times in (bio)pharmaceutical processes. In general, multi-product facilities are the typical field of application of Single-Use pumps (e.g. process development, production of clinical reference samples, contract manufacturing).


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    Max temp.
    • Fluid: 60°C
    • Autoclave: 130°C
    Max pressure 4 bar
    Connection Tri-Clamp (3/4″)
    • Pump chamber: PP
    • Valve plate: PP
    • Diaphragms: TPE
    • Valves: EPDM
    • O-rings: EPDM
    Eccentric shaft°
    Certificates (standard) 3.1 material, FDA, USP Class VI

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