RX Code: HAA

Biopharmaceutical Grade TPE Tubing


  • Excellent with Heat Welders/Sealers
  • Superior Clarity
  • Excellent Gas Barrier Properties
  • Low Permeability
  • Resistant to Acids and Alkaline
  • Low Platelet Adhesion and Protein Binding
  • Bio-Compatible
  • Kink Resistant
  • Sterilizable by autoclave, ETO or gamma radiation

All Variations

RX CODECoil SizeIDODOEMQuantityAdd to Cart
RX CODE: HT7-1000-1375PCoil Size: 20 FtID: 1OD: 3/8OEM: CGN-1000X1375-20
RX CODE: HT7-1000-1250LCoil Size: 50 FtID: 1OD: 1/4OEM: CGN-1000X1250-50
RX CODE: HT7-0750-1125LCoil Size: 50 FtID: 3/4OD: 1/8OEM: CGN-750X1125-50
RX CODE: HT7-0750-1000LCoil Size: 50 FtID: 3/4OD: 4x1OEM: CGN-750X1000-50
RX CODE: HT7-0625-0875LCoil Size: 50 FtID: 5/8OD: 7/8OEM: CGN-625X875-50
RX CODE: HT7-0500-0750SCoil Size: 100 FtID: 1/2OD: 3/4OEM: CGN-500X750-100PS
RX CODE: HT7-0500-0750LCoil Size: 50 FtID: 1/2OD: 3/4OEM: CGN-500X750-50
RX CODE: HT7-0375-0625LCoil Size: 50 FtID: 3/8OD: 5/8OEM: CGN-375X625-50
RX CODE: HT7-0375-0562LCoil Size: 50 FtID: 3/8OD: 9/16OEM: CGN-375X562-50
RX CODE: HT7-0375-0500LCoil Size: 50 FtID: 3/8OD: 1/2OEM: CGN-375X500-50
RX CODE: HT7-0312-0500LCoil Size: 50 FtID: 5/16OD: 1/2OEM: CGN-312X500-50
RX CODE: HT7-0312-0437LCoil Size: 50 FtID: 5/16OD: 7/16OEM: CGN-312X437-50
RX CODE: HT7-0250-0500LCoil Size: 50 FtID: 1/4OD: 1/2OEM: CGN-250X500-50
RX CODE: HT7-0250-0437LCoil Size: 50 FtID: 1/4OD: 7/16OEM: CGN-250X437-50
RX CODE: HT7-0250-0375LCoil Size: 50 FtID: 1/4OD: 3/8OEM: CGN-250X375-50
RX CODE: HT7-0187-0375LCoil Size: 50 FtID: 3/16OD: 3/8OEM: CGN-187X375-50
RX CODE: HT7-0187-0312LCoil Size: 50 FtID: 3/16OD: 5/16OEM: CGN-187X312-50
RX CODE: HT7-0125-0250LCoil Size: 50 FtID: 1/8OD: 1/4OEM: CGN-125X250-50
RX CODE: HT7-0125-0250KCoil Size: 100 FtID: 1/8OD: 1/4OEM: CGN-125X250-100
RX CODE: HT6-0187-0250KCoil Size: 100 FtID: 3/16OD: 1/4OEM: CGN-187X250-100

Cellgyn TPE tubing is ideal for use in peristaltic pumps, single use assemblies, process filling and sampling devices.

The CellGyn thermoplastic TPE tubing is designed specifically for the most demanding (bio)pharmaceutical applications. It is ideal for use in peristaltic pumps, single-use assemblies, process filling, and sampling devices, and is compatible with tube sealers and welders. CellGyn is exceptionally clear and has good mechanical and barrier properties. It has extremely low extractables is among the purest TPE’s available, and is a good alternative for C-flex.

Read more about Brand: SANISURE

Sizes 1/8″ to 1″
Hardness 68 Shore A
Type of connections Depending on the fitting
Material TPE
Certificates FDA (21 CFR 177.2600), USP Class VI, ISO 10993 part 4/5, ADIF, REACH, RoHS

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