SAINT-GOBAIN – C-flex TPE Tubing -072

C-Flex® 072 TPE tubing is recommended for peristaltic pumping applications.


  • Sealable and weldable pre- or post-sterilization
  • C-Flex® 072 prolongs pump life
  • Sterilizable by gamma irradiation and autoclave
  • Test Summaries are available upon request
  • Temperature range: -67°C to 135°C (-85°F to 275°F)
  • Significantly less permeable than silicone
  • Animal-Derived Component Free





Also designed for aseptic welding connections and sealing disconnections, its opacity protects light-sensitive fluids in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.


C-Flex is moldable, bondable, formable, and ideal for single-use assemblies, over molds, and manifolds.

C-Flex® biopharmaceutical tubing is the original patented thermoplastic elastomer tubing specifically designed to meet pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical applications’ fluid processing demands. C-Flex tubing for biopharma manufacturing is specifically designed for aseptic welding connections and sealing disconnections. C-Flex is suitable for sterilization by gamma, x-ray irradiation, or autoclave. C-Flex tubing is manufactured from a pharmaceutical-grade thermoplastic elastomer. Full validation and extractable profile testing reports are available to assist in C-Flex validation.

Technical information

Durometer, Shore A60
Tensile Strength, psi 1196
Elongation, % 862
Tensile Modulus, @100%/300%, psi 247/389
Tensile Set @ 300% Stretch 26
Compression Set Constant Defl., “B” (22hrs @ 70°C), % 86
Brittle Point, °C -68
Certificates USP Class VI, ISO 10993-3, ISO 10993-4, ISO 10993-5, ISO 10993-11, European Pharmacopeia 3.2.9