SAINT-GOBAIN – Sani-Tech® SPT-60L Silicone Tubing

Designed for the most exacting pharma operations, like final fill


  • Long Pump Life
  • Low Spallation
  • Accurate and Consistent Dispensing
  • Full Extractables Report per BioPhorum Operations Group (BPOG) Protocol
  • Technical Dossier Available
  • Available with ValPlusTM Certification





Sani-Tech® SPT-60L is premium platinum-cured silicone tubing designed for the most exacting pharma operations, like final fill, where low spallation, long pump life, and high accuracy are required.


With a pump life of over 250 hours, this tubing outperforms competitive silicone pump tubing, providing improved performance and reliability under various pumping conditions.
Sani-Tech® SPT-60L’s increased accuracy and precision provide additional assurance that vials are filled to the target volume and reduce costly over/underfills. Less spallation in both the number of particles and the area of particles across multiple dispensing cycles results in a cleaner and less contaminated final product for filling manufacturers.

Technical information

Certificates ADCF/BSE/TSE statements, ISO 10993-3 / ISO 10993-5, USP <88> Class VI, EP 3.1.9
Gamma Irradiationup to 5.0 Mrad (50 kGy)
Durometer, Shore A60 nominal
GasEthylene Oxide
MaterialsPlatinum-cured silicone