ClearGreen Flexible PVC Tubing

Phthalate-Free Vinyl Tubing


  • Friendly to the environment at time of disposal
  • Does not impart a taste or odor to a fluid
  • Non-phthalate
  • Non-Pyrogenic and Flexible
  • Non-hemolytic






Most flexible PVC sold today contains phthalate plasticizers such as DEHP. Phthalates are known to present increased health and environmental risks. Our ClearGreen® Tubing has been developed without phthalates to address the growing trend away from this type of plasticizer. Unlike competitors, ClearGreen® does not impart a taste or odor to a fluid. It imparts no taste or odor. Consider using ClearGreen® for any application where you are using phthalate-plasticized PVC.

It has superior clarity, biocompatibility, and is friendlier to the environment at time of disposal. ClearGreen® is the origninal phthalate free vinyl tubing.

Technical information

Sizes1/32″ to 1″
Hardness70 Shore A
Temp. range-50°C to 73°C
Type of connectionsDepending on the fitting
MaterialPhthalate-Free PVC
CertificatesFDA, USP Class VI, {88}, {661}. BSE/TSE, RoHS, REACH
  • Sterilizable by autoclave, ETO or gamma radiation