ARTeSYN – Steam2 valve

Minimized dead leg for flexible and safe aseptic fluid transfers


  • Safe, reliable and simplified processing
  • Reduced down time
  • Eliminates cross contamination risk
  • Improves project flexibility
  • Facilitated sterilization validation





ARTeSyn Steam2 valves deliver a design with minimized dead leg, providing a solution for flexible and safe aseptic fluid transfers at industrial scale.


Available with progressive manual actuation in a variety of stainless steel connection types for a reliable connection of two stainless steel flange ends.

Single-use flow path

The single-use flow path made out of ARTeSIL® molded silicone has a seal-free actuation mechanism, making it safe and reliable. The single-use tubing end is made from braided silicone and available in several sizes.


The Steam2 valves are designed for use in liquid or gas transfer applications, both pressurized and unpressurized. Suitable for upstream applications like mixing, filtration, perfusion and media preparation, and downstream processes like chromatography, fractionation, transfers and filling. The Steam 2 valves are suited to enable aseptic transfers of fluid from traditional to single use process wetted parts.

Technical information