SAINT-GOBAIN – BarbLock Hand Tools

For low-volume BarbLock assembly jobs


  • Constructed from high-performance polypropylene that meets USP Class VI criteria
  • Adapted for low assembly job
  • Compatible with all BarbLock
  • Eliminates solvent bonding, ultraviolet bonding and toxic adhesives





This handtool allows you to install a BarbLock on your assembly. BarbLockā„¢ retainers have a design ideal for systems transferring delicate liquids or gases. In order to install them on your assembly, you need the BarbLock Hand Tool.


This hand tool is designed for low-volume assembly tasks. If you have a high-volume assembly project, you need the BarbLock pneumatic handtool (which requires compressed air). The BarbLock Hand Tools are available in different sizes and materials, including PVDF and stainless steel. Black finish instead of red is also possible

BarbLock has become the standard in many industries because they solve inherent leak path problems in sensitive and demanding applications. BarbLock Hand Tools are designed for easy use and minimal operator training. They are lightweight and well-balanced, which reduces the risk of fatigue. They are also durable and reliable, withstanding shock and vibration, making them well-suited to assembly projects. They require no adhesives or solvents and are available in high-temperature materials for thermally demanding environments.

Technical information

MaterialsPVDF and stainless steel
Certifications/ComplianceUSP Class VI