EZI-DOCK – Ezi-Flow™ CSV4 MK4 Active with 4inch Tri-Clamp (BS4825-3)

For filling an Ezi-Flow chargebag


  • For a maximum efficiency and safety
  • For the correct procedure of filling an Ezi-flow charge bag
  • To use with a charge bag and a conical filling tunnel





Inverted System for use under process equipment such as driers or sieves.


To use to produce the correct procedure of filling an Ezi-flow charge-bag from a containment isolator (as the flow goes through the Ezi-Flow CSV active). The Ezi-flow CSV unit is the first product to be put in place for a transfer. The charge bag will be then connected to it. To dock the charg-ebag, slide the front of the passive connector under the lop of the active connector on the Ezi-Flow CSV unit. Then push the passive connector flat to release the interlocks. You can then pull out the red handle. To use in pair with the Ezi-Flow conical filling tunnel.

Technical information