FIKE – Burst Disc Indicator

Burst Check Line (BDI)







Burst Disc Indicators are designed to break when its corresponding rupture disc bursts, providing instantaneous notification of rupture disc activation. 


The indicator consists of a insulated flex-circuit actuator strip mounted across the disc ring with a selected gasket. Upon disc rupture, the normally closed circuit is physically broken. This open circuit condition can be used to activate alarms, bells, remote annunciators or interfaced with process control systems and provides process operators with immediate annunciation of an overpressure event so that appropriate measures can be taken.

The circuit conductive loop is protected with Kapton®, providing excellent corrosion resistance. The flexible circuit is physically attached at two locations and is broken in a predetermined pattern. This eliminates the possibility of the conductive loop remaining intact after disc rupture.

There are two options, a Burst Indicator integrated on the Rupture disc or as separate disc installed downstream of a existing rupture disc, see the datasheet for restrictions in use.

Rupture Disc Spool allows for a possible connection between a rupture disc and an indicator, where the indicator is mounted a short distance from the rupture disc itself. Installation of a rupture disc outlet is also possible with a spool.

Technical information

SizesDepending on rupture disc type
Process Temperature Ranges-40° to 177°C
ConnectionsTri-clamp ferrule or flange holder
Material– Copper foil laminated between Kapton